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2000+ trek to Orlando from all across Florida to experience Gracias Christmas Cantata

Orlando, FL—October 4. The last stop on the Florida leg of the 2013 Gracias Christmas Cantata Tour, Orlando.

Orlando, the famous city for world-class theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios, has just hosted its first official engagement with Gracias Choir here.

Many of the audience members who came to experience the Cantata traveled 1-2 hours by car just for the chance to attend. All the seats in Osceola Performing Arts Center were filled even before the 7 pm show time. People who arrived late made their way into the hall and stood in the aisles and the back area to watch. After an encore of “Silent Night”, the cheers of the audience did not stop. That is when Gracias Choir capped the evening off with “God Bless America.”

“God bless America, land that I love…”

Everyone sang along and a pride-filled round of applause echoed off of each corner of the hall. The emotion that overflowed out of their hearts forced them to rise from their seats. It literally looked like a giant wave passing through the seats as people arose, clapping and hollering in delight.

The special guest of the night was Armando Ramirez, the Osceola County Clerk of Court, who attended both the Christmas Cantata and VIP reception.

“Throughout my life, I’ve seen countless amazing Christmas performances. This Gracias Christmas Cantata outdoes them all. I was especially touched at the fact that you provide the lyrics on screen for people to follow along. I’ve never seen that before. It convinced me that you all take the audience into strong consideration. I hope that more people discover the music and performance of Gracias Choir. I want to help and support you as you recruit members from different states and from around the world.”

-Armando Ramirez (Osceola County Clerk of Court)

No one doubts the sun will rise each morning because it always does. Today, tomorrow, and the next, God is working in America through the Gracias Christmas Cantata. The God who has planted the seeds of the Gospel in Orlando will work the same way tomorrow…and the next. That gives us hope.

We forge ahead with great anticipation to our next city: New Orleans, LA.

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