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On July 2nd, Saturday, “IYF ARTIST CONCERT” was held in Gwangjoo Culture & Arts Center to commemorate the World Camp, in which college students from about 30 different countries will learn to exchange for 2 weeks. This performance, introduced through Gwangjoo Times and Junnam Daily, was like an eve celebration of the World Camp.

Many musicians sing for money and honor. Yet the musicians who visited Gwangjoo today gathered together out of their heart to perform for the youth.

For the overture, the William Tell Overture by Rossini was presented. The William Tell is about the virtue of patriotic archer named William Tell, who participated in Swiss’ Independent Movement. For the concert, the 4th part of the overture, “Calvary Charge,” was played. Numbers of orchestra members played one sound following the hands of a conductor. Especially a resonance of trumpet was in harmonious with the feisty bow movements of violins and cellos to recreate Swiss Calvary’s charge in delight.

The first stage featured Gracias Choir’s aria. The sweet duet, Mozart’s “Give Me Your Hand(Don Giovanni) began as Baritone Song Il-Yong took out a pink rose from his bosom and presented to Soprano Choi Hye-Mi. The stage continued with Mattinata (the love song the couples sing by the windows in the morning), Qui la voce..Vien, diletto (which sings about the tragedy of marriage with someone other than your true love), and O Soave Fanciulla (which you sing duet with your love as you see the reflection under the moonlight). Musicians’ various face expressions and acting were added to show the meaning of each piece.

For the 2nd and 3rd stages, the world-class Russian musicians, who came all the way to showcase great music to us, played with all their heart. Oboist Victor Khussu came up to the stage and played Handel’s Lascia Chio Pianga. As a fog filled up the stage, a spotlight shone upon him. The rich melody from his oboe sounded to contain all sorts of emotions Victor Khussu went through in his life. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba, a part of an oratorio by Handel, seemed to be played without taking a breather from the beginning to the end. One audience commented on this delicate, feminine piece, saying “the sound of oboe was like the chirping of birds.”

Praeludium and Allegro presented by Violinist Anderey Fedchenko heightened the mood of the concert with its appealing melody. Continued Pianist Igor Lebedev; his piano in harmony with grandeur melody by the orchestra performed an energetic chord.

For the 4th stage, Gracias Choir sang Beethoven’s Kyrie, Gloria, and they replied to encores from the audience with 2 other songs.

For the 5th stage, Pastor Ock Soo Park, the founder of IYF, talked about the heart capable of hearing others and gave an example of a youth named Julio. “There is a youth named Julio who was on drugs for 20 years in America. When he was not on drugs, he felt cold and hungry. One day he dug a trashcan and was eating rotten bread. Then he gained his conscience back. He found how miserable he has become, and later he was arrested by police and sent to the drugs school. When a teacher told the students in the school, “With your efforts, you can never quit drugs,” Julio, because he has seen his miserable self, was able to quit drugs with guidance from the teacher. However none of the other students cared to listen to the teacher. Do you know what kind of person does drugs and ends up in a prison? One who believes in himself. “I can do it once and then quit.” People believe in themselves like that and try once, twice, and three times – then become drug addicts. Only the one who knows his shortcomings can accept advices from others. When Julio realized his miserable self, he heard the word and got free from the drugs.”

IYF Artists visit Korea every year to open the concert and to present music to the young participants of the World Camp. Oboist Victor Khussu had a difficult childhood without his parents, but was comforted and strengthened through music. Now he, the Oboist on the top of the world, strengthens the heart of other young people with his music.

The IYF Artists Concert will continue in Seoul on July 9th, in Jeonju on July 14th, and in Busan on July 17th to deeply move the heart of the audience.

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