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2019 Ukraine Winter Retreat

Winter Camp, Korean Language Camp, Mind Kids Camp, CLF (Christian Leaders Fellowship)

The 2019 that started with hope has brightened us through the word of promise.

“And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

Through the promise written in the Word, the grace of God was covered in the land of Ukraine like snow. In the week of Lunar New Year’s Day, we were guided to the retreat. Missionary Guchul Jung from Japan shared through the Word that “the world of the Lord is unlimited”. It is already the 25th Winter Retreat in Ukraine, and the thankfulness of their heart was clearly expressed in the placard that is beautifully designed.

During the Winter Retreat, there was a retreat for adults, Korean Language Camp, CLF (Christian Leaders Fellowship), and Mind Kids Camp for children in one building at the same time. At an International Youth Center near Kiev, many brothers and sisters of 18 churches in Ukraine came in three or five people. Because they came by public bus, they had to walk for 20 minutes in the snow, but all of their face was full of joyful expectation.

A brother, who is going to the event center through the snow with his luggage, is full of excitement.

The air in the path to the location of the retreat with snow is so fresh.

News on Korean Language Camp

During the orientation on the first day of Ukraine Winter Retreat, it was awkward in the beginning, but as the participants attended the mind game, they opened their hearts, and the hearts became closer to one another as they had group meeting and fellowship. The Korean Language Camp began by doing stretching exercises and learning dance. Through the various programs prepared, students opened their hearts, and participated actively. During the Talk Show time, Ukrainian MC led the time and invited Korean study-abroad students as guest, and asked question regarding the life in Korea to learn the Korean life. During Korean Academy time, they made “Jang-gu”, and filmed a drama of their own, and presented before all the participatns. It gave a lot of joy and happiness.

The participants are happy making “jang-gu”

Students mimicking a Korean poster

Students listening to the Japanese culture from Missionary Chan Soo Park from Japan

During this camp, not only did we learn Korean culture, but there was a program that allowed participants to experience the culture of different county. For two hours, we had the Day of Thai Culture, and the Day of Japanese Culture. Their culture was new to them; however, as they had fun times as they learned interesting way of doing traditional dances and did quizzes after learning some special characteristic of the countries. As a Ukrainian student, who came back from volunteering abroad in Thailand and Japan, shared testimony, and as Pio, who came to Ukraine from Thailand, shared a testimony in Russian, the participants’ faces were filled with smiles.

Students who shares their testimonial of their volunteer works abroad

News on CLF

We invited a Christian Leaders Fellowship with the Christian leaders in Kiev at 2pm on February 8th.

Under the title of “Just Shall Live by Faith”, 20 leaders gathered. When we contacted the pastors to invite them to this event, they had a lot interest in this subject, and they determined to attend the meeting when we told that that the guest speaker was a Japanese missionary.

Pastor Guchul Jung, preaching the gospel

During the process of inviting the pastors, there were some people who did not attend the CLF, because the subject does not match to their belief, and because they believe that they are surely sinners. On the contrary, Pastor Blazimir Sopriko, who came to the CLF last April during the Ukraine World Camp with guest speaker Pastor Ock Soo Park and received assurance of forgiveness of sins then, listen to the Word and was very happy. Pastor Guchul Jung shared the story of Martin Luther, who suffered because of sin and received salvation. Pastor Jung preached the true gospel precisely through the word.

The testimony of Pastor Blajimir Sopriko, who received assurance of salvation while having fellowship with Pastor Ock Soo Park

Among the participants, there was a pastor’s wife named, Riudumila, and she expressed the great thankfulness for inviting and sharing the Word of God. “I have heard about you before. At that time, I thought you were preaching your doctrine, but as I listen to the word, I can see that you preach only of the living word of God, and it is so precise. I feel that our time was so short, and I wish to attend this meeting in the future. Please invite me again.” The CLF, which started from the United States in 2017, is working powerfully here in Ukraine, and all 20 of the participant’s hearts were filled with great happiness.

Participants answering to the question, “Do you believe in the forgiveness of sins?”

Mind Kids Camp

For kids and elementary school students, who are 6 years old to 12 years old, we had Mind Kids Camp. Based on what we learned in October from Mind Education staffs from Korea, we formed Mind Education Team with young sisters. Although we are lacking in many aspects, we have been preparing to give lectures in elementary school, and we decided to do the Mind Camp for kids during this Ukraine Winter Retreat.

The sister who is leading the Mind Camp

After “Fold the Clothes Neatly” Academy!

Although it was the winter retreat in the cold weather, kids went to swimming pool along with other various Academy Classes, and mind recreation for kids. We also had Healing Concert on the last day by inviting the parents who were attending the retreat. Through variety of new programs during retreat, unlike the previous retreats, many students were happy. Along with the mind activities, they learned songs, and through listening to the word by Pastor Rionya, we can see them change every day.

One of the kids who attended the event was so happy and said, “This is my first time attending the camp, and it was really good. I liked the food, and swimming was fun. And when Pastor Rionya explained the story of the prodigal son, it was really interesting. I don’t want to go home, and I wish the camp will continue on. I heard there will be another camp in the summer, I hope to come again.”

Retreat News

During the retreat, people were devided into different groups, and there was gospel class running in the morning and afternoon, so that the new people will listen to the gospel from the beginning in detail.

Sister Olga, who attended from Odessa, received salvation said, “The word was so good. I just received salvation recently, but things I didn’t know what they meant in the bible came to me as the truth, and the word is so clear. My heart is so clean and peaceful. Before I received salvation, I was afraid to read the word of God, because many parts of the bible seemed to me as judgment. I have been going to church for 10 years, but I couldn’t meet the truth. But, by the grace of God, as I attended the bible seminar in January, I received salvation, and as attending the retreat, I am so happy and thankful for the precious word of God. I give glory to God.”

Pastor Marat, who is preaching the gospel in Gospel Class

Before the morning and afternoon sermon, there were various performances that gave great joy and excitement to the attendees. If there is Rio Montana in Korea, we have young band in Ukraine called, “Stars”. The band opened the hearts of participants with Korean songs, Ukrainian songs, and hymns.

The Music Band “Stars”

The Righteous Stars dance team who make us want to dance

Righteous Stars who cannot be excluded in the activities we do in Mission. Their dance makes us dance as well. During this event, sister Kajia, who went to India for overseas volunteering, and brother Timur, who went to Republic of South Africa for volunteering were the MC for the event. Jesus inside of their hearts led the atmosphere strongly.

Sister Kajia and Brother Timur who returned from volunteering overseas are doing the MC

Special performance. Wind instrument performance

Every night, with the special performance and plays prepared by different churches, there were many good programs, and through the choir who sang before the sermon, they softened the hearts of people.

Kiev Church Choir

On the first day evening, the sermon was preached on Luke chapter 5 verses 1 through 11. Unlike the times when Peter cast the net, when he cast it at a place where Jesus told him to, so many fish were caught and the nets were breaking. Upon seeing this, he realized that his thoughts were wrong, and realized that only the word of Jesus was true. Based on his experience and his thoughts he cast the net, but the image of him pulling up the empty nets is just the same image of us following our thoughts despite listening to the word. When we put down our thoughts and receive the guidance of the Lord, we are able to see amazing work of God. It was the first day, but we could already feel the guidance of the holy spirit through the fellowship and the word.

On the second day, some hearts cast away plague, and some hearts bring in the calamity. When Naaman denied his thoughts, and followed after the voice of the servant, he received blessings, but if he were to follow “I thought,” then this thought will bring in calamity, just like Gehazi became a leper. Through this comparison, pastor preached how scary it is to trust myself, and how when we follow after the voice of the servant and the church, the grace of God becomes abundant.

Through the word preached by Pastor Guchul Jung, people opened their hearts. As days passed by, the holy spirit worked strongly through the sermon, and many people including brothers and sisters listen to the word and their hearts were brightened. They realized how fearful thing it is to trust in oneself through many parables, and hope entered into their hearts as they moved their hearts to God. On the last day morning, pastor talked about the Passover.

“The word inn Exodus 12: 22, “and none of you shall go out at the door of his house until the morning,” gave me great teaching in my heart. If the blood of Jesus meets the problem, we can be protected. Let the blood of Jesus encounter your concerns, worries, and sorrows, and stand behind His blood. Until now, when we witness, “I” did it, and when problems and difficulties come, “I” faced them, but from now on, give over your life to the Lord, just like the time when you received salvation. Then He will face them for you.”

Pastor preached the word strongly and all the brothers, sisters and participants replied by saying “Amen”, and all of our hearts were filled with hope. After the sermon, we had the holy communion. We finished the Ukraine Winter Retreat with happiness and engraved the works the Jesus had done for us.

Holy communion during the retreat

God has given us gift of hope and happiness through the word during this Ukraine Winter Retreat. When we hear and meditate upon the word, fellowship, we have overflowing hope and joy. Ukraine Winter Camp was the place where God prepared treasure. The born again saints put down all the loads that have been piled up for one year, and receive new hearts through fellowship and word. This winter retreat is changing Ukraine. This year, when we think about how the gospel will cover all the regions of Ukraine with gospel, we are joyful and hopeful. We are thankful to our mission for sending precious servant for our retreat.

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