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[USA] Sharing a Testimony of the Gospel on Atlanta's Largest Christian TV Station

On October 27 (Tuesday) at 7 p.m. EST, WATC TV Channel 57, Georgia's largest Christian broadcasting station, interviewed Pastor Park. "When I had an interview with Reverend Park, the first chapter of Joshua came to my mind," said Errol Onal, the host. "God gave me the same promise as he did give Pastor Park: "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you'". Errol asked Pastor Ock Soo Park several questions, including questions about the CLF, the International Youth Fellowship, and the recent Online Bible Seminar.

WATC TV Channel 57 with 7.5 million viewers

WATC TV Channel57 is the largest Christian broadcast in Atlanta, Georgia, with a total of 7.5 million viewers. Two years ago, the station opened its heart to the Good News Church, and now, it is helping to get information about the church on the air in Georgia.

The broadcasting staff immediately prepared an interview with Pastor Park for a prime time showing. Pastor Park had recently had an interview on Brazi's "Braggio TV," which is one of Brazil's five major broadcasters in August and when WATC TV officials heard about the live interview, they started to prepare their interview with him.

Reverend Ock Soo Park delivers the gospel through an interview.

Q. I heard that the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) is a guiding and educating Christian leaders. How are you educating them?

A. The most important thing the Bible says is that God's thoughts are different from ours. God tells us to believe in the word and go forward boldly. In the book of Joshua, two spies go to Jericho. They were on the verge of being caught and caught, but when they entered harlot Rahab's house, she saves them. Her home was on the wall so they could come out of the city without going through the gate. God has prepared all things but we are afraid when we look through our own eyes. When they crossed Jordan, God blocked the water so the Israelites could destroy the city of Jericho. But it is difficult to obey God's word without experiencing it. All you have to do is believe in God's word. You can see the works of God if you believe in the word without adding your thoughts to it when you read it. God has led me to live by faith and I am telling Christian leaders my stories in detail.

Q. There are many youth problems all over the world. I've heard that you advise many presidents and ministers. I want to know how you lead young people.

A. I went to Los Angeles in 1995, and a lady came to see me help her son. The son used drugs and carried a pistol. I brought the young man to Korea. I told the young man about the woman caught in the act of adultery. When Jesus sent the woman away, he said, "Go and sin no more" but he didn't give her anything from his hand. Instead, her heart was filled with unspeakable gratitude. "If it weren't for Jesus, I'd be dead. Jesus saved me because he loved me." I thought to myself when I read this, "How can I extract appreciation from this woman's heart?" Jesus filled her heart with gratitude so that there was no more room for lust. I didn't tell the young man "Stop doing drugs", but I started to put into him a happy heart. After six months, he became a completely different person and went back to LA. The next year, 28 youths visited our church and experienced change, then 58 the following year, and 500 youths in 2001. Then, I formed a youth organization called IYF. To young people, I don't say, "Stop doing drugs, stop playing video games." The students leave a life of sin by dancing, talking, and receiving the word of God together. We host a camp every year, and last year, several pastors, presidents, and ministers attended to learn from us. Many countries are trying to learn from our new character development curriculum: "mind education".

Q. Last May, your sermon series aired on over 300 broadcasting stations Bible seminar, and 1 billion people listened. Could you briefly tell me about the Online Bible seminar?

A. The annual Easter event was held online because of coronavirus, and two million people attended. I couldn't believe it. After that, I had a Bible seminar in May. I wanted to say something to comfort those suffering from coronavirus. There are a lot of people dying from corona all over the world, and when Christians face death, they start to ask themselves the most crucial question: 'Can I get into heaven?'

When I went to Ghana in 2012, I met President John Atta Mills at the request of the First Lady. The President told me, "I don't think I'll be able to live another five days. I have sinned and I am a sinner". I asked. "How did you know that you are a sinner?" "If I have sinned, am I not a sinner?" "You cannot judge yourself of your sins. God must judge your sins. However, God wrote down the verdict in the Bible. Romans 3:24 says, 'Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.' We are sinners, but in God's eyes, we are righteous because your sins have been placed upon Jesus, and he has washed your sin on the cross. This is your verdict." I could see that the President believed in the word and went comfortably into the arms of the Lord.

I started the broadcast to comfort people who were suffering from corona, and I was surprised. Nearly 300 broadcast stations around the world aired my sermons, and I gave thanks to God. A comment came from a person watching the sermons which read, "I'm righteous now. I am holy. Jesus has washed away my sins." I was so grateful to see 6,000 comments like this. I was so thankful that many people who were in front of death were able to believe that the cross of Jesus has washed away their sins.

"It was an honor to invite you, a man of God, to share the word of God."

The host responded with a series of "amen" throughout the interview when Pastor Ock Soo Park was answering the interviewer's questions. In particular, when Pastor Park spoke about preaching the gospel to the president of Ghana and how God's ruling is written in the Bible, the hosts' expression brightened.

"When the pandemic began, Pastor Park said that the time of coronavirus would be an opportunity to deliver the gospel more powerfully. I was surprised to see the gospel being preached to 1 billion people through 276 stations around the world. Here in Atlanta, we were able to broadcast Pastor Park's online seminar on WATC TV 57, the largest Christian station in the state to which we were connected during the Cantata last year. The director of the broadcasting station was so surprised to hear pastor Park's sermons that he planned the interview, and today, I was touched when I saw the interview live in Atlanta. Through the interview, I was touched to hear Pastor Park's story of how he only lived for the gospel and how the broadcast station director decided to continue to help broadcast Pastor Park's sermons as well. I could see that corona was a blessing, not a curse when I saw God's will through his servant."

Elder James Yoo, Atlanta

"I never wanted to go ahead and try to get broadcasting stations, but the church and the pastors led me to do so. During this interview, I felt ashamed of myself, and later, I saw how God had opened the way for us to find more TV stations. A local pastor who participated in the CLF World Conference in South Korea included Pastor Park's sermons on his radio channel and published Pastor Park's sermons for free in local newspapers. I thank God for leading me through his servant to preach the gospel and be part of the works of the gospel."

Oswaldo evangelist, Doraville

"I could see that God was working powerfully so that the gospel would be spread when I saw Pastor Park's sermons spread throughout the world through the broadcast last May. While preparing for the Bible seminar, Pastor Park's interview was on Channel 57, and he continued to preach the gospel while he explained the Online Bible Seminar he had. At that point, I could see God's heart of wanting to preach only the gospel to the land of the United States as Pastor continued to preach the gospel through the interview. On the other hand, I was ashamed of myself for living with a different heart. However, I was grateful that a person like me was saved through the unwavering heart of God and the church."

Yang Kim, Atlanta

"I could feel God's promise in Pastor Park's testimony. God does not remember our sins, which was what he told the Ghanaian President John Attamills."

Sherlyn Gabriel, New York

"As covid-19 began, many other churches were having a hard time because they couldn't have a proper meeting. On the other hand, I'm so proud to see our church continually preach the gospel stronger and louder. While watching the pastor's interview, I felt once again that the gospel is at the core of his heart, and I'm also attending the Online Bible Seminar now. I am thankful for meeting this church."

Shana Broadnecks, Detroit

Also, the WATC TV Channel 57 will air the Bible seminar, which is now being broadcast online, from November 3rd, and continues to run 120 Bible seminar ads to invite everyone in Georgia to listen. Just as God gave Joshua all the land that he stepped on, all the stations we meet are opening their hearts to broadcast the gospel. At first, it seems burdensome and impossible, but as we step forward with faith in God's will, we find the grace God has prepared for us after facing the burden.

The Online Bible Seminar will be broadcasted throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean islands on more than 80 stations. During the pandemic, God has opened the door to broadcast and has established the servant of God and this gospel on American soil.

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