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[Argentina_the Interview with Pastor Ock Soo Park] Church if getting beautiful through the World Cam

Pastor, can you get us some updates?

There is the Enlase broadcasting station; it’s the biggest Spanish channel in South America – it’s located in the U.S. My sermons had been aired on Enlase channel before, but we stopped because it was so expensive. However, the channel offered is to air the sermons for free of charge till now because they gained a lot of viewers from the South America from my sermons. Yesterday, many of the viewers who listen to the sermons on everyday base actually came.

They heard that Pastor Ock Soo Park was here so they came to see me. They came and heard the words in person; they felt greatly touched. Among them, there was a pastor from other church. He has been listening to the words continuously through the channel, but he hadn’t received salvation yet. His heart was opened to us that he wanted to work with our mission. Though he studied theology, he hoped to come to our mission school to learn. So I preached the gospel to him yesterday afternoon, and he received salvation. This morning he attended the service, and he said he would bring his church members to the Camp.

Some families even came from different regions. Many people came here after learning from Enlase channel that I was here preaching the words. God is Doing many works here in Argentina. For the last world camp, we had about 400 people attending. This year, we have about 700 people. The Gospel is being preached in the gospel class. I heard about 50 people were connected to church after attending the World Camp last year.

Argentina church used to have only 30~40 people, yet 50 new people are coming to church after having received salvation from the brothers preaching the gospel in the gospel class last year during the World Camp. The church changed so much and the brothers and sisters are much delighted.

This year the city sponsored us, offering free Hotel and meals from the Police Academy. Because we do not have to make extra expenditures for foods and rooms, it feels like we are having the World Camp almost for free.

Moreover, I met the Mayor two days ago. This Mayor came only for briefly to say hello for the last World Camp. But this year he agreed to have the conference with us though he was in the difficult situation – regardless of his re-election, he was losing health and getting weaker because of her mother’s recently acquired-illness.

We had the interview with Mayor at 6 o’clock in the evening. (the camp was to start at 7pm). After the interview with me, the Mayor was to attend some other event, but time just flew by as I was preaching the Gospel to him. His secretaries were getting impatient, but the Mayor sincerely listened to the gospel. As I was preaching the gospel, I told him that the President Fernando Lugo of Peru also received the salvation from the gospel. I opened the bible and preached the gospel saying ,”Even though you have sin,Mayor , but if you receive the forgiveness of sin, you will become one with God.” And the Mayor received salvation. Then he cancelled his schedule and came to our opening ceremony. He came and awarded honored the VIPs himself.

During the Camp, I was so thankful for the fact that God bestowed His grace each time I preached the gospel to many individuals. Especially for the Mayor, he accepted the gospel, but I couldn’t talk to him any deeper because we were running short on time. Yet when I told him that God has justified us and that the Holy Bible is the promise of God for him, he was greatly excited and thankful.

Pastor, the brothers and sisters must have been strengthen so much from the works of God.

Last year when we had the World Camp in Argentina for the first time, we had about 400 people. Many people received salvation from the gospel class preached by an Argentinian pastor. After the last year World Camp, about 50 new people has been coming to church. Also the brothers and sisters who have left the church dude to some difficulties came back safely. It seems like more brothers and sisters will be added to church after this World Camp. Argentinean brothers and sisters had spend money last year, but this year there weren’t that much spending. Because the Police Academy provided rooms and board so we only had to pay for renting the theatre.

The venue for the World Camp this year used to be a circus theatre. It has been remodeled into a theatre for 1,200 audiences. Even yesterday many people came to fill almost all the seats.

Argentina has conserved the city very well. This theatre has a really good resonance so when we had the opening ceremony, it was like a concert. People enjoyed the music so much. Jaschsa Heifetz played a violin solo, people were holding their breathe watching him. At the end, when Hye Mi Choi sang “Don’t cry for me Argentina,” they were extremely impressed, shouting and applauding. For the sermons, I preached about the woman caught in the adultery in John chapter 8. I was so happy to see the participants listening to the words very carefully.

The weather here is about 49 degrees in Celsius, but a day before the seminar it showered to calm the weather. Now we have a very nice weather for the Camp.

Jascha Heifetz is a violinist who was awarded the special honor for the best musician at the international violin concours; he has been performing with the Gracias Choir.



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