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[Australia] Bible Seminar with Pastor Ock Soo Park, ‘I am so happy that I can share the word of God’

Third day of the Bible Seminar in Australia. Due to the rain the night before the temperature has fallen and it feels like autumn but within the venue where the word has been being preached for the past couple of days the atmosphere was very warm and soft.

On the faces of the audience who listens to the hymns of the Gracias Choir and listens to the word there were great smiles.





Pastor Park began his sermon by speaking about the organism called sludge which makes the dirty water in to purified water in the water-purifier tank. Even the little organism has the power to make the water clean, but wouldn’t Jesus be more than able to cleanse our sins.


He said that the sick people in John chapter five waited for the water to be stirred and did not wait for Jesus. Pastor Park went through the Korean War right after the liberation from Japan and he spoke about his childhood which was hopeless because he also lost his mother at a young age.

“I had no hope whatsoever. No one in our family had hope. We were all miserable. I only had the church to rely on. I wanted to give anything to the Lord but all I had was this body. Lord I give you my body, but where will you use this? I will simply wipe the noses of children, fix the roof for people and in this way I decided to give my body to Jesus. I received salvation in 1962. And from then on my life started to change. He made me to see and believe.”





After I received salvation I was excluded from my church, but God helped me to go to missionary school, and he worked during my time in the army, and afterwards he led my life so that I could lead so many people to salvation. As Pastor spoke about the happy hearts he had as he walked with God the happiness was also delivered to hearts of the audience.

He talked about how one day as he was ministering in Daegu he was praying for money and for rice as he was hungry and had no money. But suddenly the prepared changed to praying to publish a book, dispatching missionaries and praying for the islands in the South Pacific.

“God, there are many islands in the South Pacific but what do they wear? What do they eat? Who preaches the Gospel to them?”

But when he finished praying all the things he prayed from seemed like something from a dream, and he started to pray for rice and money again, but then ended up praying for the Gospel and the South Pacific once again. He realized that it was not himself who was praying but it was God who was making him pray, and he had a heart that if God is making me pray then he will surely accomplish it. And he testified about how God accomplished everything now.

“To me who was like a paralytic and a man with the infirmity for 38 years no one told me to ‘rise take up my bed and walk.’ Only the Lord told me to do so. You too, try rising and walking. Go out with the Gospel. Take a flight to a different country, God will certainly help you.”

In the evening he preached about the woman caught in the act of adultery. He talked about how one cannot help but to be led by Satan if they act on their own will and determination. He said that is why one must forsake his heart and live a life being led by the word of Jesus.

“Believing in Jesus is changing your heart. The word will lead you. Forsake the life of you living a nice and diligent life and simply accept the word of Jesus. Whether or not it fits your thoughts or not if you accept the word of God then Jesus will enter inside of your heart. And this new heart will start to lead you.”

There was also a very grateful situation where the older sister who received salvation brought her younger sister and she also received salvation.


I came to the Bible Seminar because my sister invited me. I came here not knowing what to expect. After the sermon I had individual counselling and through the Bible I was told that I have already changed and that my sin has been taken away from me. I am righteous. Through this experience I received salvation. As I listened to the word I realized that I should not judge myself, rather all I have to do is give myself to God and he will be the one to lead me to a better life. Then I will be able to gain peace and I do not have to suffer within myself. Whatever I did, I always failed. Through this Bible Seminar I learned that I must be with God and that I must continue to listen to the word of God. Through this Bible Seminar I became a brand new person. I am so happy and peaceful.” – Pochunica/Brisbane

My name is Adori. I received salvation in the Brisbane church. I knew Pastor Yang and his wife for a long time but I was unable to receive salvation. But few years ago I had many problem in my life and I had no rest in my heart. Because I could not resolve the proble myself and nobody else could solve it for me. Therefore I sought God and when I listened to the word at Church my heart calmed down. I could see my true image and realized that I could do nothing good by myself. That is why Jesus had to be the light who guides me whenever I wander. I believed in Jesus and god became the focal point of my life. And through this I was also able to open my heart to my family. Before I clashed a lot with my family and my heart was closed towards them. But this time as I listened to the word I felt how arrogant I was and when I threw away the heart that I was right I was able to listen to the people around me. Thankfully, my family also opened their hearts a bit to me. I always testified to my family. I came with my younger sister today, and she received salvation. My mother also came along to the church and my family became curious about the freedom I gained in this church. And my family received salvation. I am so grateful to God who led my sister to be here and listen to the word of Pastor Park. My sister changed. We shared our heart for the first time. I am so thankful that my sister could receive salvation. I did not do anything for this to happen but when I believed in God he accomplished all things for me.” Adori/Brisbane

Pastor and Elder Ordination


After the morning session there was ordination for pastors and elders. Pastor Ocksoo Park, Pastor Yang and Pastor Youngjoo Park laid their hands and missionary Jinwoo Lee from Vanuatu became pastor, Brother Boonrye Lee (Sydney Church) became an elder and Brother Jaecheon Lee and Brother Ken were ordained as deacons.

As the three pastors prayed for the newly ordained elders, pastors and deacons they delivered their heart of wishing that these people become servants of God who act according to the power, heart and wisdom of God.


“As I met Pastor in Australia he preached many hopeful words to us which were different from our thoughts. Despair always arose in my heart so I had a heart which had nothing to do with God but whenever I met Pastor Park he always gives us hope. Through the grace of God I was ordained as a pastor. I am a person who cannot help but to oppose the church, but I have a heart that the grace of the church is making me into a human. I have a heart of wanting to continue to dwell in the care and grace of God and live a happy life within the church. Thank you.” – Missionary Jinwoo Lee / Vanuatu

The Bible Seminar in Australia has ended. Although the event was only for three days, through the preparation for the event the congregational members of the church could meet the heart of God and have a hopeful and joyful time. The heart of God which was delivered through the word came alive in the hearts of the brothers and sisters and together with the newly connected pastors we hope for the day when all of Australia will be covered with the Gospel. Bible Seminar with Pastor Ocksoo Park continues on the 8th and 9th of June in New Zealand.

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