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[Australia] IYF YOUTH DAY! (July 20, 2011)

In Cook Island(an island near the mainland of Australia), we were invited by Pastor Joe—whom we’d met through a witness trip a month ago—to attend and preach word at a youth workshop held at his church. This became an opportunity for us to launch “IYF Youth Day” in Brisbane for youths from Cook Island on July 16th.

This was an all-day event which was programmed with mind lecture, mini-Olympics, academy, personal accounts, etc.

Though not many youths were able to join the event, Pastor, his wife, and saints from Cook Island church came and heard the gospel through which they realized that they were no longer sinners.

In the beginning, most of them raised their hands to demonstrate that they were sinners; but at the end, they raised their hands and joyfully testified that they were made righteous.

Also, Brother Jeong Wung Yun (10th GNC member), who was formerly addicted to smoking and computer games, totally changed after receiving salvation that his testimony served as a good example to publicize IYF to the participants.

Though the event was lacking in various aspects, God veiled such problems and we were able to laugh and be happy altogether. Pastor and the secretary of Cook Island church commented that they would like to attend another event like this in future and promised to meet again.

Though our preparation was small and lacking, we were very thankful that God allowed us to preach the gospel to many people and bring change in their hearts.

We ask for your prayers for Australia.

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