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(Australia) The seed of the gospel spreads on Townsville

Townsville bible seminar news

From June 17th to 20th, the bible seminar started with the minister Jae-Hyun Bae from Melbourne church in Townsville, Australia.

4 days before the seminar, church members had prayer meetings every night preparing the seminar with their hearts. Also, short term missionaries practiced dance and assisted preparing of the seminar. It was physically hard for the short-term missionaries who started propagation in the morning, but they were always filled with joy and spent time to share their happiness. When we were preparing for the seminar, we heard that people who were invited in person cannot attend because of their personal reasons. We wondered ‘Are they going to come to the seminar?’ as the time for the seminar was coming. However, we waited with the faith in God who works only for Jesus, regardless of our actions.

On the 17th, the seminar finally started and God led people to the seminar thankfully. There were people came by flyers, also new comers who we did not even expected. Also, students, who were connected through Korean class, came and listened to the word.

Every night, short term missionaries dance performances opened the heart of people and gave laugh for them. Brother Lex’s special song opened the heart of people as well.

Lecturer missionary Jaehyun Bae talked about Genesis 6:1~8 to tell people are bodily wicked. He told that everything of people is evil by especially emphasizing Genesis 6:5. There are two types of people; one type is people who can do things by themselves so they follow their own thoughts and another type is people who know they are wicked so they only follow God and believe him. God places people under indebtedness when people realized their evilness and become weak people before the Lord. Since all things about us are evil and wrong, there is no hope, so God sent Jesus to us. No matter what our plans and thoughts are, when we give up those and only follow God, then, he told that, we can receive the benefit.

There were 20-30 people including 10 new people at this assembly and some of new comers participated to the assembly every day and were happy to receive benefits. Especially, Thierry, French Australian who evangelized by one brethren, was redeemed. He told that one month before the assembly started, he went to the church and listened to the Gospel, but, he said, he could not believe it. In accordance with his job, he should go other cities to work while the period of assembly, so he could not participated to the assembly. However, during this time, he was working at Townsville, so he could go there. From the first day of it, he said that he realized he is the full-time sinner not part-time sinner, so he said he really wants to be redeemed. He participated to the assembly every day, and on the third day, he was finally saved. After being redeemed, he was so happy so he kept telling thank you to missionaries and went home with joyful smile. Moreover, every time new comers came to the seminar and listened to the Gospel, and they being redeemed showed the existence of the Holy Spirit.

After the sermon was over, members of the church talked about salvation with newcomers. At first, they feel uncomfortable to talk with newcomers, but the more they spend time with new people, the more they feel God leads the exchanging. It was a valuable bible seminar that new people were redeemed and members of church talked with them personally even thought they felt burdened.

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