[Cambodia] “Everyone, Are You Sinners? Or Are You Righteous? You are Righteous!”

Cambodia is a Buddhist country in which 95% of the population are Buddhists. Even in a Buddhist country like Cambodia, there are Christian ministers who have the same heart with God. During the three days of the World Camp in Cambodia (27th March – 29th March), the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) took place at a Kohpich Theatre in Penompen, Cambodia.



For the CLF, in which there were 100 participants, the Gracias Choir came to perform and the participants also watched the video of the CLF that took place in the USA. This was followed by the Lecture of the Main Speaker, Pastor Ock Soo Park.



Pastor Ock Soo Park, who took to the stage, explained about how we can have one heart with God.

“If you know spiritual life precisely, then it becomes extremely easy and fun.

In Acts 13:22, God says that David ‘the son of Jesse, was a man after my own heart.  ‘. Do you know how to have one heart with God?

John Choi went to volunteer in Liberia and was stung by a scorpion. I was able to call John Choi, who was dying. ‘John, you have been stung by an African scorpion and you are dying. But, those who seek for the Lord, their strength will be renewed! In order to beat the poison of the scorpion, you need new strength! Look only towards God!’. This is what I told him. John knew that he was dying because of the poison of the scorpion and he looked towards God.


Having one heart with God is, despite having in my thoughts that I am dying, believing in the new strength that God gives you and moving forward. In other words, in order to believe in Jesus, one must not believe in one’