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[Cambodia] The Cambodia World Camp Opening Ceremony of Hope

Cambodia has two seasons, dry and rainy. Usually it is hot all throughout the year and cooler from December to January. Despite the heat that continued in January, cool breeze blew from the 25th, the day of the opening ceremony.


Seemingly brighter than at the orientation, the students arrived at the venue on time and the IYF Cambodia World Camp, the festival of youths that will change the future of the nation finally began. At the event held in the afternoon, VIPs such as Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Under Secretary of State, Mr. NOS Sles and Cambodia Republic of Korea Embassy 2nd Secretary, Mr. Min Seo Park etc. attended. Moreover, the about 30 local Christian leaders who were to attend the Christian Leader’s Workshop after the camp also attended the opening ceremony.


The Camp began with the opening declaration of the IYF Cambodia Branch Manager, Cheol Ha. The opening performance began with the touching story of <Loser Like Me> by the Ulsan Lincoln School students Righteous Stars group. Having seen the performance of Cambodia’s <Kingdom of Wonder> and Korea’s <Fan Dance> for the first time, the students expressed their enjoyment with cheers and applause.



In his welcoming speech, Education Ministry Under Secretary of State, Mr. NOS Sles emphasized that in order to have a bright future in life we not only need much knowledge but also keep the conduct of life, keep a broad perspective and positive mind, wishing the participating students of this event to become the pillar of Cambodia.


What caught the most attention of the students at the opening ceremony was the performance of the Gracias Music School students. Many different sounds created a harmony that became a beautiful melody and was delivered to the students who were only used to pop music. The stages of flutist Chang Dae Chang, Soprano Eu Teum Oh, Pianist Elena Abalyan received cheers from the students. The music school choir performed <Gyeongbokgung Palace Song> and Cambodia’s traditional folk song <Holiday> danced to the apsara received much love from the students.



IYF Founder, Pastor Ock Soo Park delivered a message on ‘hope.’ There is nothing more specific about the world of heart as the bible and one’s heart matures and grows as one reads the bible. Through the story of the prodigal son, he spoke of the power of hope. When the prodigal son was inside the pigpen, although his body was in a dirty place, his heart had gone to his father’s house and hope arose from then onwards. He spoke about having hope and challenging saying, ‘Even if your body is in difficulty, when you go towards hope, great things and hope arises. Whatever problem there may have been, the way opens when you have hope and when you have hope, your life changes. Don’t be in despair but have hope. There is no other book that is as specific about the world of heart as the bible and while reading the bible, your heart grows and matures.’


Moreover, he spoke about the invisible world of heart which can become ill. To free ourselves from this vortex of thoughts we must not be bound by them but converse with other people. When our hearts are in a comfortable state, our perspective of the problem changes, and we are able to solve it.

I’m so excited to be attending the 2016 World Camp. I came here and learned about our hearts. I was told a Mind Lecture that said a broad and peaceful heart brings us great joy. The Mind Lecture awakened my heart and there were parts that were left in my heart. My heart is peaceful right now and I believe it will continue to be peaceful in the future. That is why I think this world camp is very important and by listening to the lectures I will gain more experience. Lastly, I’m very thankful of the 2016 Cambodia IYF World Camp. (Ochantri / Truth6)


Cambodia is developing right now. There are roads that never existed before and traffic jam formed. There is hope that the Mind Lecture enters the heart of the students to become leaders made in IYF to spread hope in the nation.

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