Chang in Tanzania – Meeting the President (June 16, 2011)

On June 4th, 2011 Minister Byung Gook Jung of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism visited Tanzania to attend the social sponsored event for “Small Library” (organized by STEP, an organization under UN) and Tanzania Serengeti Project (organized by Korean Government).

Minister Byung Gook Jung, who have been planting a dream in the youth with IYF for years, also showed a lot of interests in juvenile issues in Africa during his visit to Tanzania this time.

Minister Byung Gook Jung arrived in Tanzania around 9pm on June 4th.

Korean GNC Volunteer and African IYF volunteer from IYF Tanzania center went together to greet the Minister.

The minister knew well, more than anyone, about the heart of the IYF volunteers who have left behind a comfortable life in Korea to come all the way to Africa to volunteer. He could’ve gotten exhausted from the long flight, but he rather asked the well-being of the volunteers first.

“Tanzania is a country of hope.”

“Thank you for making the small library^^” (The students practiced and sang Korean Anthem)

IYF Tanzania arranged the conference for the president and the minister.

Minister Byung Gook Jung of the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism had a time to discuss the juvenile issues in Tanzania with the president. His conference with the presient made the second page of Gudience, a Tanzania’s national newspaper.

Change in Tanzania…

Clouds in the sky of Tanzania have been removed.

Now… it’s time for the radiant light of God to shine.

Tanzania, a country God is with. Now it’s time to change.

Please pray for Tanzania a lot.

And… you make look forward to hear the next news.

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