[Charlotte, US] Cantata Makes the Charlotte Citizens Well Up with Tears

Charlotte, Ovens Auditorium

Charlotte, named after the Queen of King George III, is also nicknamed ‘City of the Queen.’ Perhaps owing to this, all the road signs are designed with an adorable crown.

Charlotte is the second finance city of America where the world famous Bank of America as well as other big banks are gathered here at Hearst Tower, a main tourist attraction.

The <Christmas Cantata> that is being held for the 3rd time here and the footsteps of the Choir’s Cantata Tour was shown respect by the City of Charlotte for touring 26 cities, and proclaimed ‘2016 Christmas Cantata Day.’

A staff of Charlotte City named Amanda (administrative assistant) said, “I really look forward to the Cantata performance and would really like to help the citizens of Charlotte to see this performance.”

City Hall Usher Vicky commented, “It’s amazing that 2500 Charlotte citizens can see this performance and I look forward to the performance because the theatre’s sound system is great.”

The <Christmas Cantata> that spreads the true meaning of Christmas. The 6th Cantata Performance in America began its first performance on September 14th in the city of Charlotte. Hoping for the joyful citizens who will fill the 2500 seats in the Ovens Auditorium, the Gracias Choir delivers their spirit to make citizens happy, move their hearts, and spread the endless love of Jesus.

“The Gracias Choir has come to Charlotte for the third time. I attended all three times and the performance is excellent and especially, you can feel the Holy Spirit working strongly!”- Rothman Bostwik

“Whenever I talk about this Cantata performance to people I know, I told them, “If you come to the Cantata, I guarantee you than your heart will not be the same before you and after the performance!” After people hear what I say and come and see, they exclaim, “Wow! You were right!” – Wife, May Bostwik

The US citizens say the greatest charm of the Cantata performance is, ‘it shows how important family is, especially, its educative effects to children is outstanding.’

Moreover, there is a tendency for the gospel, which was what first established America, is currently being disregarded. The gospel is delivered clearly and precisely during the <Christmas Cantata> and the US citizens are even more surprised at the living gospel. “The Cantata performance was wonderful and beautiful. It is so surprising and valuable how a performance can be made like this. In the 1st act, the message of Jesus was most memorable.”- Patricia

“Today was very moving and beautiful. Personally, I liked the 1st act and the verses of the bible were well expressed through the story. Especially, Pastor Bang Won Park’s explanation of the tabernacle was so clear. I couldn’t understand it very well when I heard it last year but this year it is clear to me!” – Debbie-

“This performance is amazing! The last ‘God Bless America’ brought me to tears. I am a US citizen and America is a good country but I think Jesus is most important in our lives. Jesus is truly wonderful.”- Marisol Lopez-

Miss Sherry Blue, who was impressed by today’s performance commented, “Today’s performance was really fantastic!” She says she came to the performance through a letter left at her apartment, kept the ticket with her safely, and experienced great joy as she listened to the message during the performance. “I believe that God has taken away my sins. Especially, my mother is a pastor and she must hear these Words!”

The citizens of Charlotte were unable to leave the performance hall even after it was over. Families, relatives, and friends were gathered together, sharing conversation with a happy smile, and chatting for a long time. The love of Jesus echoed deeply throughout their hearts, making them unable to leave the venue, and having spent the most magnificent time in this world tonight with a joyful expression on their faces. Tomorrow, the Cantata Tour team will head towards Jacksonville, the second city. In the bus that will race all night, the day’s happenings will be shared with joy and the day’s fatigue will be gladly shared.

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