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[Congo] To Give Back the Love that You Have Shown to the Democratic Republic of Congo

“I was happy and thankful while meeting Pastor Ock Soo Park of South Korea. As I was attending the World Christian Leaders Workshop I was able to gain the assurance of my salvation.” (Bishop Pastor Joseph Omega)

On the 31st of August, after the morning service in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kinshasa church, at four in the afternoon the gospel was preached to 400 people gathered in ‘The Throne of Salvation Church’ by the invitation of Pastor Joseph Omega. The guest speaker, Pastor Jong Min Kim, spoke through the interpretation of French and the local language, sharing words about the works of God that that can be experienced by only believing in his Word. He used his personal testimony of becoming healed from the tuberculosis. By preaching about the testimony of Pastor Park, which was about becoming healed although in pain, he delivered the gospel of salvation, explaining how God works if you are not caught up on the circumstances but only believe in his Word.

“In my heart the gospel that Good News Mission preaches is so good and I invited Pastor to give the members of our church a chance also to listen to this gospel. And I want to show as much love that the Korean people have toward us Congolese people. And the reason why I prepared a small gift for Pastor Ock Soo Park is because I have the heart of wanting to invite Pastor Park to Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kinshasa. I believe in my heart that Pastor Ock Soo Park is a gift of God to the humanity of this generation.”

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