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[Congo] To Give Back the Love that You Have Shown to the Democratic Republic of Congo

“I was happy and thankful while meeting Pastor Ock Soo Park of South Korea. As I was attending the World Christian Leaders Workshop I was able to gain the assurance of my salvation.” (Bishop Pastor Joseph Omega)

On the 31st of August, after the morning service in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kinshasa church, at four in the afternoon the gospel was preached to 400 people gathered in ‘The Throne of Salvation Church’ by the invitation of Pastor Joseph Omega. The guest speaker, Pastor Jong Min Kim, spoke through the interpretation of French and the local language, sharing words about the works of God that that can be experienced by only believing in his Word. He used his personal testimony of becoming healed from the tuberculosis. By preaching about the testimony of Pastor Park, which was about becoming healed although in pain, he delivered the gospel of salvation, explaining how God works if you are not caught up on the circumstances but only believe in his Word.

This invitation and Seminar was organized by Pastor Joseph Omega who attended the World Christian Leaders Workshop in Korea, which occurred in July. There, as he was listening to the Word, he received salvation and wanted to preach this gospel of salvation to the church members during this Seminar. Introducing Pastor Jong Min Kim and company, Pastor Omega said, “These people are not here to give us money. They are here to preach the true word of God. Through the Good News Mission and while attending the Christian Leaders Forum I was able to gain the assurance of salvation by listening to the true Word. Like me, I would like for the members of our church to have fellowship with the Good News Mission and learn the true Word together.”

After the Seminar, Pastor Omega led Pastor Jong Min Kim and company from Korea to the office where he gave them presents of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s traditional clothes made by his daughter who works in a clothes store. Also, he gave them traditional clothes and the sculpture of the animal which only lives Congo (Okafi), asking them to pass it over to Pastor Ock Soo Park as well as displaying their thankfulness for how they were well treated and loved. Moreover, Pastor Omega prepared a luxurious supper, creating a time for the congregation of the Good News Mission Kinshasa church and other pastors to have fellowship. In the place where everyone was gathered Pastor Omega expressed his heart like this.

“In my heart the gospel that Good News Mission preaches is so good and I invited Pastor to give the members of our church a chance also to listen to this gospel. And I want to show as much love that the Korean people have toward us Congolese people. And the reason why I prepared a small gift for Pastor Ock Soo Park is because I have the heart of wanting to invite Pastor Park to Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kinshasa. I believe in my heart that Pastor Ock Soo Park is a gift of God to the humanity of this generation.”

The morning service, after the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Camp had ended, there was an ordination, raising 8 deacons. After the church was established in 2005, the six brothers and two sisters who were born again, served the church and the gospel as workers of the church. Missionary Jae Hyung Jang of Kinshasa church said, “For nine years we have had many difficulties and problems but we were able to preach the gospel until now as the brothers and sisters had one heart. Following on from last year, this year’s Camp was prepared and run by the brothers and sisters, who were touched by God, with all their hearts. I am so grateful to have the servants of God here and be able to ordinate these members as deacons.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo populated at 70 million, in the capital city of Kinshasa that holds 20 million people, we can be hopeful of the gospel that will be preached here together with the congregation who each were raised as a little Jesus.

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