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[Czech] International Day at CVUT(Czech technology university) (May 12, 2011)

Different from the strong winds the day before a bright sky was waiting for us on May 4th. The International Day yearly event which we have been invited to was held at the technology university of Czech’s lawn from 9AM to 4PM. Turkey, USA, Vietnam, South American and other booths were set up by countries and we introduced different foods and music from various cultures. Also there were designated times for dances and performances.

For this event ministers, their wives and short term missionaries came from Germany and Poland and united their hearts with the brothers and sisters of the Czech church and helped us with one heart.

We prepared traditional games and took pictures with Korean culture garment Hanbok and ate Kimbab that were prepared. Also the July world camp was promoted during this event. From the preparing to the execution of the event, God has bestowed His grace and even in the short time we were able to enjoy, and after the event 130 students were connected and we felt the joy.

A few days have passed since finishing the event but even today our hearts are filled with the grace of God. This passion was not quenched during this event and will continue until the opening of the World Camp, and we hope that once again we will feel that God is always by our side.

Reporter/Photo: Hee-joung Lee/Sam Park

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