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[Dominican Republic] “Are You Now Righteous or Sinners?”, “We Are Righteous!”


On the 18th, the bible seminar in the Dominican Republic took place at the Gran Teatro del Cibao in the morning and evening. Especially at 1pm today, there was the Gracias Music School International Concourse and at 3pm, there were the Education Leader’s Forum and Christian Leader’s Forum took place.



The Mayor of Santiago, Gilberto Serulle is busy with elections that begins in the beginning next year but he provided the Choir vehicle, accommodation (25 hotel rooms), meals etc. such as the World Camp for this bible seminar. Moreover, today on Sunday the 18th, he requested that he wanted to hear the sermon of Pastor Ock Soo Park and approached the venue.


He left the campaign area where many broadcasting companies had gathered for news coverage and came to the seminar venue, Gran Teatro del Cibao, to give Sunday worship.



Gracias Music International Concourse Hosted



At 1 pm, the Gracias Music International Concourse was held at the Gracias Music School that will be leading the field of music in the Dominican Republic. A total of 16 students and adults took part in the preliminary and 8 made their way to compete in the final.



“There were a lot of difficulties while preparing the concourse. Actually, classic music is not familiar in the Dominican Republic and people aren’t really interested, but while promoting this concourse, all the music institutes were able to know about the Gracias Music School. Through this opportunity, we plan to lead this music school and concourse into one of the world’s best, internationally and in Latin America, through further promotion.” – Dominican Republic Gracias Music School Principle, Rami Lee




“I am a student at the Dominican Republic Gracias Music School. While preparing for this concourse, I was very worried. I was lacking skills and I had to practice a lot. But as I practiced and searched for God, the burden in my heart lessened. I could not believe it at first when I received first prize in the middle & high school level. I was so happy and thankful before God. Our Dominican Republic Gracias Music School is the best music school in Latin America and I will also become the best pianist in Latin America.” – Samuel Fernandez

Education Leaders Forum and Christian Leaders Forum

At 3 pm, the Education Leaders Forum and Christian Leaders Forum was held at the hall in the Gran Teatro del Cibao. Since it was a hall inside the theater, the 150 people gathered yesterday was enough but the 230 people today made the hall filled with nowhere to stand as they listened to the sermon. After a short introduction of the Mission, the performance of the Gracias Choir began. As the audience heard the vocal ensemble stage of Latin American music, they danced and sang along in pleasure.


Afterwards, Pastor Ock Soo Park led them into the world of the Words. He preached the scriptures in Genesis chapter e deliverHe40 about the butler and the baker of the king. “There were three branches on the grapevine of the butler’s dream and he took the ripe grapes into his cup and gave it to the Pharaoh while the baker has three baskets of white bread with the uppermost basket filled with various kinds for the Pharaoh. In the bible, wine and bread represents Jesus’ blood and body. I have sinned but I only need to take with me the blood of Jesus. However, the baker felt just bread wasn’t enough so he prepared more kinds of bread. That is why he died. The greatest faith is to believe that the blood of the cross has redeemed all my sins.




However, there are so many people who think they must do something as the baker. You must only believe in the cross. My sins have been completely redeemed on the cross. Nothing from us must go into salvation. There is nothing for us to do. Sin is redeemed by God and there is nothing we should do. Now, everyone, are you righteous or sinners?” “We are righteous! Amen! Amen!”


“The scriptures that my sins have been washed away were a shocking message to me. As Pastor Ock Soo Park said, we have asked for forgiveness for sins so many times before God. However, all our sins have been washed away. And at this moment, I have become whole before God. From now onwards, everything will change. I thank all of you.” – Pastor Nelson Delarosa


“The Words we have heard are very important Words that say we are made righteous and it is the blood of Jesus that has washed away our sins. There is nothing more precious and valuable than the blood of Jesus that has been shed. Jesus is our savior and our everything so these Words we have heard are very important Words. It’s such an astonishing thing that there is someone who preaches the exact Jesus to us like this today. Thank you.” – Pastor Reinaldo Roha

Gracias Choir’s Easter Cantata



At 7 pm, the Easter Cantata was held at the Gran Teatro del Cibao. Many people were waiting before the Cantata even started and as soon as the door opened, the 1700 seats were immediately filled. The Easter Cantata depicts the process of Jesus’ death until resurrection and at this Dominican Easter Cantata there was screen to show the play.



In the process of Jesus being nailed on the cross there were people who were shedding tears. Also, when it ended with the chorus of the Choir, everyone stood up in ovation.



After the performance, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the gospel. “For most people the body leads the heart so in many cases they ruin their lived by doing what they want. However if you learn the world of the heart in the bible, the heart can rule the body. When the heart rules the body, happiness and joy comes out of your heart. In Numbers chapter 21, when the people of Israel are suffering from the serpents, Moses makes a serpent pole. As the people lived when they looked at the bronze serpent (judgement), our sins are also redeemed when we look at the cross. Although the Words of God is not understandable, it is important that you accept it as it is. The scriptures in Number 21 are what teach us that the blood of the cross finished the punishment of our sins. Now you’re sins have been finished on the cross.”


“When listening to each song with actually interpreting it, the expression is exact that understanding was easy. The message was also very good. I’m thankful that Jesus’ last moment was for us.” – Juan Carlos


“I really liked in my heart that Jesus’ body was given for us. The sacrifice of Jesus’ body is for our sins. I am really empowered that the Words came into my heart today. I felt that I didn’t believe in the Words. I didn’t believe in God’s Words because of my thoughts. I am so thankful to God that my sins were finished on the cross as it says in the Words.” – Gloria Rodriguez

The gospel was preached today as the Christian Leader’s Forum and the evening Easter Cantata performance. We were very thankful to see every audience we meet returning home with the gospel entered into their hearts. We are hopeful to think that the gospel preached to these people work inside them to change the whole of Dominican Republic.

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