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[England] God’s Word Raised in Front of the Remains of Victoria’s Glory

London ‘Bible Outreach’ News – Day 1 The Transformation House, where the London Bible Seminar called ‘Bible Outreach’ was held, has a beautiful Victoria Western style interior that has been preserved. The time of Queen Victoria’s reign was the most prosperous in the history of England, and this style symbolizes the luxurious past of the country. Right now, the period of the British Empire and the glory that was in the center of the world’s gospel has disappeared and we have sounded the bells of the gospel of hope throughout the beautiful remains of the past.

The Christmas Cantata that moved the people’s hearts yesterday has also affected today’s seminar. In the morning, the choir and orchestra performed with all their soul and completely melted the hearts of the attendants. During the fantasy-like performance, the audience was awed and showed their appreciation.

Next, Pastor Ock Soo Park explained about how the power of the Word of God can overcome any problem, no matter how despairing or hopeless. The problems of the man with an infirmity for 38 years, who didn’t have a single strand of hope, were nothing in front of the Word of God. The Word always wins, according to the fundamentals of strength. As Pastor was preaching this word, the audience was able to feel the strength of God and their hearts were moved into the world of hope.

“Today was very great and enjoyable. The word had so much strength. The orchestra and choir were so lovely. I will come tomorrow.” (McWather) “It was so good because I could hear the message of God.” (Malcom)

In the morning, Pastor Ock Soo Park went to do an interview at the biggest Christian radio station called ‘Premier Gospel.’ It is a big radio broadcasting station that has ten studios and about 100 employees. The Christians in England are usually elderly and they like to listen to the radio. The director of ‘Premier Gospel’, Muyiwa Olarewaju, is a radio and TV singer, a songwriter and a broadcaster. Mr. Muyiwa was currently doing a two hour radio program called ‘Gospel Tonight’ at 11 each night. Through the phone call with Missionary Oh Sun Gwon, the Good News Mission Church and activities were introduced, along with an introduction of this upcoming event. On May 14th, Mr. Muyiwa personally came to the conference and was very happy as he had an interview with Pastor Ock Soo Park and heard the gospel. Also, the recording of the interview is to be aired soon. Mr. Muyiwa had a special heart towards the Korean church. His father was a Christian in Nigeria, but was assassinated by a Muslim. He felt close to Korea because his mother had received a lot of help and training from a Korean Christian group. He saw the Bible Outreach flyer and contacted us because he saw that it was from a Korean church. | That was how the interview with Pastor Ock Soo Park was carried out.

Mr. Muyiwa asked Pastor Ock Soo Park first about how his spiritual life and how the mission started, which naturally led to sharing testimonies. Pastor Ock Soo Park told him that he realized himself exactly, how he no longer believes in his thoughts and how he has been relying only on the word of God to preach the gospel until now. Mr. Muyiwa was very interested and asked Pastor Park about how to meet God and how he became a disciple of Jesus. “In the Bible, it says that there is work that God does, and whatever humans try to do, it is difficult and complicated. However, the work that God does is clean, simple and perfect.” Also, Pastor opened to Isaiah chapter 53, verse 6, which said, “Yet the Lord laid on Him the iniquity of us all.” “Just like how you never actually fly an airplane even though you have ridden a plane over 100,000 miles, if you completely hand over the wheel to Jesus, He will take care of the problem perfectly.” The president of Ghana received salvation by this Word. Mr. Muyiwa responded to the Word and was very happy as he asked questions. He promised to listen and talk about what he had heard on ‘Gospel Tonight.’ We were able to know that the Lord was making the gospel heard throughout the country of England.



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