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[Ethiopia] Bible Seminar with Guest Speaker Pastor Joohyung Jang (July 20, 2011)

Bible seminar was held at Addis Ababa Church from 4th to 7th of July with Pastor Joohyung Jang from the Jerusalem, Israel church. He shared his testimonies of many experiences he went through while witnessing to the Jews and many religious people and the hope he received from the Lord.

Pastor preached that when Jesus was crucified on the cross, not only did Jesus die alone but also sin, so the cross is the tomb of sin. New souls who were sent by God were soaked in the word and were able to realize the love of the cross of Jesus.

A regional Bible seminar was held at Shoneido which is a northern Ethiopia Christian region that is 250km away from Addis Ababa with Pastor Joohyung Jang from 9th of July to 11th. More than half of the population of Ethiopia is orthodox saints and next are Islam. Thirty percent of the population is Christians, and they are mostly congested at the northern region.

Approximately 50 new people attended and listened to the word at each hour even though the place was small and didn’t have enough chairs that the people had to listen to the word standing and over the fence. When the word was preached at this place, many secular churches said, ‘How can you become a righteous person without sin?’ and persecuted the brothers and sisters who deliver the gospel, but the word of the gospel planted the assurance of the forgiveness of sins and faith in the heart of the participants each time as the word of the gospel was preached. The brothers and sisters received so much hope and big strength in their hearts when they heart the pastor say that we would buy land and build a chapel here so that all the people of this region will hear the gospel. Also the translation of the book “Repentance and faith” written by Pastor Ock Soo Park started during the seminar. When we image that the “Repentance and faith” book would be held by many people and many of them receive salvation, we can glorify God and we ask for church to pray for us.

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