[Ethiopia] Ethiopia, the Place for the Work of the Gospel

Bible Crusade at a Church of 2000 people

-Meeting with the Minister of Education, “Now I am Righteous”

The visit to Africa in 2016 (Kenya, Ivory Coast and Ghana), became longer as meetings with the Presidents of Malawi and Uganda were unexpectedly set. Therefore, Ethiopia became a stop and the whole journey consisted of visiting 6 countries. It was such a happy journey, with the will of God becoming accomplished wherever we went.


There was no schedule to go to Ethiopia but as the President of Uganda had requested for a second meeting during the first encounter, Ethiopia became the venue for the two-day stop. Although it seemed like a surprise event that was not planned, but we felt that through this visit God truly wanted to show us Ethiopia.

The mission work in Ethiopia began on 9th May 2000, with the dispatching of Missionary Hae Suk Lee. This was the first Bible Crusade with Pastor Ock Soo Park that was held 16 years after the beginning of mission work. Addis Ababa, is located approximately 2300m above sea level and therefore has the beautiful weather that suits the lifestyle. However, recently, it is the monsoon season and therefore it rains a lot.

Although Ethiopia is located in Africa, it has a slightly different feeling in comparison to the other countries. The people look different, they have their own language instead of using Swahili or English, and there was an Orthodox Church that has a taste of Judaism. Moreover, there is a so-called, ‘David’s Star in Ethiopia, and they are very proud that that they are the citizens of God, as they believe that the seed of Solomon, through Queen Sheba, was the start of the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia. They say that when it became the crux of the dynasty, the ambassadors of Solomon’s court came and organized the opportunity.

Other than the international calendar and time, Ethiopia has their own timescale and calendar. Accrdoing to their own calendar it is the year 2008 and they use the Jewish timescale. (e.g. Noon is the sixth hour and 3pm is the ninth hour)


Gospel Bible Crusade at a Local Church on Sunday

After visiting Uganda by the invitation of the President of Uganda, Pastor Ock Soo Park arrives in Addis Ababa Saturday evening. The next day, a Gospel Bible Crusade in front of 2000 members of the congregation was held in the morning and afternoon at the FBI (Faith Bible International), from which a Bishop had attended the International Christian Leaders’ Workshop in Korea. The self-sustaining ministers listened to the Word sweetly and had wanted to work with us.


Although the vast majority of the time of service at this church was filled with just singing, this Bible Crusade was centred around listening to the Word. The Choir of the FBI announced the start of the service and the audience were pleasantly surprised by the Gracias Choir who performed next, in the Ethiopian language.