[Europe Miracle] #1.Göttingen, Germany, ‘Christmas Miracle’, First time in 3 yrs!

Going to the first city, 'Göttingen', Germany!

After 2019, amidst the chaos and despair of the world caused by the pandemic and the Ukraine war, the Christmas Miracle went to Europe with hope for the first time in three years. The European Church of Good News Mission started various activities for refugees after the outbreak of war in Ukraine in February, and as a part of that, established Ich halte dich (We will hold you), a non-profit support organization. In addition, since last July, Ukrainian youths have been invited to carry out the ‘Mriya Project’. The 'Mriya Project' started with the motto, 'The world's largest aircraft in Ukraine, the Mriya (dream), was destroyed by war, but the dreams of Ukrainian youth cannot be broken'. Team Mriya participated in the World Culture Dance Festival in Korea and received the grand prize, and since then, they have been busy preparing for the Christmas Miracle Bus Tour. This European Christmas Miracle is more meaningful in that it is centered on Ukrainian youth and European short-term missionaries. So, the Miracle performance took its first step, starting with Göttingen, Germany on November 1st.

In preparation for the rehearsal for the performance, member Hwang Ga-eun (Germany) expressed gratitude for the work of God through difficulties.

“At first, it was difficult for me to communicate with my Ukrainian friends, but through this, my English improved and I was able to focus more on preparing for the performance. Also, I complained about not having enough time to familiarize myself with the staff work, but at the meeting, I changed my heart when I heard the words, 'The lack of time is not the problem, but I need to realize my lack of self and ask for God's grace'. I am thankful when I think about how God will make me beautifully regardless of my many shortcomings such as language problems and insufficient practice.”

In this Miracle, Ukrainian students and members from Korea prepared the cantata together, and there were various barriers such as language and culture, but they were prepared beautifully one by one as they united in the word of God.

Before the Miracle performance, there was a CLF meeting at 6pm. Among the attendees of the meeting were Göttingen Mayor Hans Albert Rudolph, 'Freie evangelische Gemeinde Göttingen' Pastor Simon, 'Haus der Hoffnung' Church Senior Pastor Martin, 'Ecclesia Kirche Göttingen' Church Senior Pastor Marc and Agnes, etc.

At the meeting, Pastor Young-Shin Oh talked about the journey from Ukrainian students evacuating to the German IYF center, and the story of the Mriya team attending the Korean Dance Festival and winning the award. At that time, the most difficult part was the material part, with plane prices constantly soaring. Pastor Oh and his party went to large Korean companies in Frankfurt to pay for airfare, and as they opened Deuteronomy 22:1-4, “There is a saying that when you see your brother is lost, do not ignore him and must help him get up. After the war, Korea also went through a lot of growth with the help of Germany, and the present Republic of Korea was not existent at that time. Ukraine is in trouble now, and it is our turn to help.” In the end, he received 50,000 euros and gave his testimony that he was able to prepare air tickets for 37 Ukrainian students. Next, Pastor Young-Shin Oh emphasized that our sins were forever cleansed by the blood of Jesus by using Hebrews 9:12 as evidence, along with saying that God never fails to see us. At this, the CLF attendees nodded their heads and listened to the words.