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[France] Bible Seminar Filled With Words

From November 4th (Wed) to the 7th (Sat), a bible seminar with guest speaker Pastor Hak Cheol Kim took place in Paris, France. Actually, he was actually invited as speaker at Korea Forum but the camp was moved up a week because of the local students’ vacation period and the bible seminar took place the following week.

The bible seminar was decided all of a sudden and being held after the Korea Forum that was a week before, there was little time for promotion and invitation. However, Pastor Mi Ga Park and the church members of Paris Church prepared the seminar with a decided heart, ‘one person brings 10 people.’ That’s how the brothers and sisters participated in the seminar with their work colleagues and listened to the Words. After Sunday service before the seminar, all the church members gave out flyers nearby stations, informing the citizens of Paris the news of the bible seminar. ‘Suzie,’ a second generation Chinese who has recently starting attending church also took part in the promotion and she was happy to take part in the work of the gospel.

When the bible seminar began in the afternoon of the 4th, the sound of cello and flute, a sister’s African hymn, and the choir of students reverberated throughout the venue. The performance calmed the hearts of the participants and led them to listen to the Words.

During the three day bible seminar, guest lecturer Pastor Hak Cheol Kim strongly preached the testimonies he had actually experienced through the Words of the woman who had was bent over for eighteen years and couldn’t raise herself up in Luke chapter 13, the man who was deaf and had an impediment in his speech in Mark chapter 7, and the flaws of Jacob and rebellion of Israel in Numbers chapter 23 by saying, “I could see that the person I am shown by God in my life was very similar to the characters in the bible. I could not free myself from foolishness on my own. But Jesus washed everything away by his blood and discovering this and going forward with belief in the promise despite the same flaws and rebellion, the strength of God was shown strongly through my life.”

Moreover, the brothers and sisters living in the others regions of Nice and Toulous also traveled a long way after hearing news of the bible seminar and attended for three days. The brothers and sisters who rarely had a chance to listen to the Words were happy and listened attentively to the Words.

After listening to the sermon, the attendants at the seminar were able to receive consulting on a more in-depth spiritual life or listen to the gospel explained in more detail through group fellowship or personal consultation.

The Paris Church is fervent with the current purchase of church building and the first Cantata in France scheduled next year in April. This is because they see the heart of God who will expand the boundaries of the gospel more than ever before and bring about His work of the gospel. Therefore, the forthcoming works of the gospel is very hopeful.

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