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[Germany] Please come to Cologne, where 2011 Europe World Camp will be held! (July 13, 2011)

2011 European World Camp will be held in Cologne, Germany’s forth biggest city, where no church has been established. Our short-term missionaries went to Cologne 2 weeks ago to get accommodations and started promotion toward residents there.

We are promoting in every corner of Cologne in groups. University Promotion Team, Urban Area Promotion Team, Home Stay Arrangement Team, everybody is running under the summer sun.

July 8, Friday, around 10 days left until World Camp. We had seminar for volunteers of World Camp who joined at last minutes. The seminar held in classrooms at the Cologne University was quite different from other seminars and was attended by many students interested in World Camp. Short-term missionaries from Czech Republic, France, Italy, Britain, Poland, Finland, Romania and other European countries all gathered together to prepare the seminar; Besides, 5 students who were attending Korean language classes in Cologne University, and students who attended before, together with students who was connected through promotion this week, they all attended the seminar to make the seminar room quite clouded.

After the IYF promotional video presented at the beginning, we had righteous dance performance, short-term missionary’s testimony, and mind lecture. In the mind lecture, Pastor Park Bongryong introduced Jesus who had freed us who were just like birds that cannot escape from the zoo even the fence wasn’t there.

After the words, short-term missionaries and students had free fellowship time. Although students showed big interest throughout the seminar, they especially showed their great interests in Academy programs with Korean characters, such as Korean class, Taekwondo, Traditional Korean Medicine, Stone Color Painting, etc.

Throughout the week, Pastor Park Bongryong from Czech shared words with short-term missionaries every night. God put strength in short-term missionaries’ heart again this week through words in Song of Solomon. Although we are still lacking in many perspectives preparing World Camp, but just as North wind is spreading the fragrance of garden, all those lacking and difficulties will let us know the scent of the Lord.

The 9 week promotion activity for World Camp in Germany is coming to the end. After next week, it is the much anticipated World Camp. Just as rain in the drought land, Gospel comes to our hearts and grows the shoot of faith, hope and love and becomes a great joy; we hope the rain of Gospel will also drop inside the hearts of students in Germany.

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