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(Germany) The Germany World Camp, through the Korea Camp and Korean Fever




On the first day after the official start of the World Camp, the students and the brothers and sisters participated in light stretching exercises before listening to the early morning lecture by Pastor Sae Jae Oh.

Pastor Sae Jae Oh lectured about how listening is much more important than speaking and also that in order to listen one must empty themselves.





After breakfast, while the students were participating in various Academies, the brothers and sisters from various places in Europe such as France and Bulgaria were able to have a chance to listen to how God was working in Benin, through the Word delivered by Missionary Gwang Woon Kim of Benin. This World Camp was organised so that the brothers and sisters from all over Europe could share the Word.

Saing Nu Main, who came because of the invitation of a sister who was coming from Myanmar to participate in this Camp, was pleasantly shocked

“A friend of my mother, who was coming to Germany to participate in this Camp, invited my mother and me.

Today, I heard about listening. Until now I have lived saying what I want to say and ignoring others but I realised how wrong I was and it was a chance to reflect on myself. I think that I should let everything go first before listening to others.” (Saing Nu Main/Burmese living in Germany)



There were also a variety of programs prepared for the students who participated in the camp to experience the various and deep culture of Korea.

During the time for Academies, they had the chance to learn Taekwondo, Calligraphy and Etiquette and after Lunch, through Korea Town, they were able to participate in various programs that demonstrate that current Korean culture.



Especially, during the Korea Town, many students were very happy to experience things such as Sightseeing Attractions, Films and Food up close.

“My mother is Korean and my father is German. I usually had a lot of interest in Korea, so, the Korea Town was so fun. It felt like I was in Korea for a while. I like Korean food such as DdogBoki and Kimchi and I am learning a lot of Korean.” (Yura / Volunteer)





Before the sermon time in the morning, the Africa stage performed by the Gracias Choir took the audience to Africa for a visit. Continuing to applaud to the exciting performance, every song brought the audience to their feet to dance with the Gracias Choir and follow them on a journey to Africa.



In the morning, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about how we cannot help but be led by the evil spirits. Pastor Ock Soo Park, who spoke about our image that follows games, drugs and alcohol although we don’t want to because of the greater power that drags us, then spoke about how learning about the world of the heart can defeat these things.

In the evening, he spoke about two spirits; the evil spirit that drags us to pain and suffering by making us believe in our own thoughts and God. Pastor Ock Soo Park said that we cannot defeat those evil spirits by ourselves but that we can escape from then after meeting with Jesus.


As each day passes we could see new, refreshing thoughts filling in the hearts of the brothers and sisters from Europe and also the student participants.

The heart of Jesus Christ that had entered their hearts will change the German people and moreover, Europe.

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