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[Ghana] The World Camp, the ‘Store that is Selling Happiness and Hope’

Second day of the World Camp in Ghana

– The 3500 participants of the World Camp International Cultural Festival



From the early morning, it began to rain all around the Legon University, which is the venue for the World Camp in Ghana. Because the stage was set up on the allotment of the university, the event became a bit of a worry. At the World Camp in Ghana, all the participants gather together at 6 o’clock. That is why the rain in the morning became a problem but, thankfully, just before the beginning of the event, the rain stopped and did not cause any harm to the running of the event. Moreover, the rain in the early morning allowed a cool breeze throughout the whole day and it was perfect to have the events under the shelter of trees near the Legon University.





At this Camp, a variety of programmes were organised so that anyone could learn a lot of new things together; dance, Taekwondo, soccer. Furthermore, there were programmes for such as the Mind Education, Bible Study and Christian Leaders’ Forum.




In the morning, 500 students, teachers and education representatives attended the Mind Education programme with Pastor Ock Soo Park as the guest speaker in order to learn about the Mind Lecture that is taught by the IYF.

Pastor Ock Soo Park began to preach about the world of the heart that he had learnt through the Bible. He spoke of the how he was able to learn about the world of the heart through the Bible, which was not taught anywhere else, and how amazing one’s life can become when applying this world of the heart to real life.

He introduced the Bible as a tool from which one can learn of the best mind, “In spiritual life it is not following my own thought but the words of God. In the Bible, there are many people who did not follow their own thoughts but were led by the guidance of God. When Jericho was about to be destroyed, the harlot, Rahab hid the spies and found a way to survive and likewise, Noah built an ark after God had commanded him to do so as he was going to judge the Earth because it was too evil. At the time, it would have been easy to believe that it was not going to rain but Noah believed in the Word of God and prepared himself not to be destroyed.”


After the sermon, the participants had the time to discuss about the Sermon from the Bible that was delivered by Pastor Ock Soo Park. They had the time to think about the Mind that is spoken of in the Bible and the Mind that does not react and judge according to one’s own thoughts but accepts the words of others. International Cultural Festival

In the venue that was made on the outdoor grass of Legon University, there was the International Cultural Festival in the evening, in which all the heat disappeared. The Secretary of State, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, the Director of Communication, the Mayor were just of few of the many government officials as well as the 3500 students and young people that were in attendance.










The performances began with the Choir of Tema Church and it was followed by the cultural performances such as the Righteous Stars, Taekwondo Dance, the Ghana Traditional Dance and the Korean Fan Dance.





Instead of the Minister of Communication, who fell ill, the Director of Communication delivered the congratulatory message. Then, Mayor and the Secretary of State all came out to deliver messages of hope and congratulations to all the students who had participated in this Camp and the IYF.


Then, the performance by Soprano Jin Young Park started the stage of the Gracias Choir.





The piano solo by Sung Hwan Suk followed by the duet with Soo Min Park received a warm applause from the audience. It could not be doubted that listening to the music of the Gracias Choir in the cool, silky breeze of the Legon University Outdoor Hall was true happiness and blessing. The venue was surrounded by the beautiful mahogany trees, that were like fans that embodied the music of the Gracias Choir as it was sometimes fierce, smooth or full of splendor. The outdoor performance of the Gracias Choir truly utilized the benefits of the outdoor stage, that had such different feel to any indoor stage with the best sound system.


The Secretary of State was tired because he had just attended the funeral of his late father but he still came in to congratulate the IYF and the students.

“For a long time, I have known the IYF and have participated in their event. There is power in the young people. However, if they cannot use that power properly, they could waste it on alcohol or video games. The IYF does the work of changing the hearts of the young youth. I have seen how the change of heart in a student has changed their lives, here. This is very important. I want to take part in changing the students and if you invite me, I will always want to work with the IYF.” (Secretary of State, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah)





The message of Pastor Ock Soo Park followed the thrilling performance of the Gracias Choir.

“I spoke about John who thought that no one would welcome him because of his injury while stepping on a mine during the Korean War. He eventually committed suicide just before going home. If John had thought a little deeper from the thought that told him, ‘no one is going to welcome you’, he would have been able to think in his mother’s perspective and eventually stop himself from committing suicide. I have opened the ‘Heart Store’. I wish for you to lay down your pessimistic hearts and buy happiness and plant hope inside of your hearts. I see the happiness and hope being planted in you, who have participated in this Camp. I hope that the happiness that is in you could also be planted in other people’s hearts.”

After the event in the evening, the Director of Communication and the Mayor had Gospel Fellowship with Pastor Ock Soo Park in the sitting room. Although it was a short time, they listened so carefully to the Gospel delivered by Pastor Ock Soo Park. Through the Words in Romans 3:23-34 and 1 Corinthians 6:11, they heard that they have become righteous people and were overjoyed. They had accepted the Gospel accepting the word that said, ‘Although I am a sinner because I commit sin, I have become righteous and holy through Jesus.

The good weather that is very unlike Ghana is continuing. New hearts that had never been in the hearts of the participants are being planted through this Camp.



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