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[GNN] Joseon Monthly (August): Interview with Pastor Ock Soo Park (July 20, 2011)

“One Must Empty the Self before Receiving the Other”

In the 2011 August issue of Joseon Monthly, Pastor Ock Soo Park’s interview was published under title “One Must Empty the Self before Receiving the Other.” It was a 12-page article focusing on Pastor Park’s mind education and “2011 World Camp and Minister of Youth World Forum.” In particular, Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Otuoma’s comment clearly demonstrated the core idea of Minister of Youth World Forum as follows: What have you gained from World Camp? And what is your impression on the Minister of Youth World Forum? In the past, we had many discussions on the character, attitude, ability, and development of youths, yet we were unconcerned about the world of heart. But next to Pastor Park, I discovered that he’d been struggling in a battle of heart and I learned how to lead the true value out of youths. And through the Minister of Youth World Forum, I experienced a great change in my life. I learned that what’s most important in leading the youths is the world of heart and everything associated with it. I hope that this discovery will continue to lead my heart.

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