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God Protects Even the Fish

Back when I used to preach the Gospel at a small church in Jangpali, Geochang, I was so poor that there were barely any necessities in the chapel. Especially during the winter, it was very difficult for me to endure the bitter cold in the heatless chapel. After the evening meetings, I hoped for the brothers and sisters to stay a bit longer, but they always left to escape the cold, leaving me by myself. Without a blanket to cover myself, I covered myself with the Sunday school hymnal sheets, often wondering to myself with fear, “What if I freeze to death and become a corpse by morning?”

My home was in Seosan, so it was not a long distance from Geochang. I never even thought of going back home, even if I would die while serving the Lord. Each morning, I would wake up with my body stiff from the cold, and it seemed that I would be unable to endure the winter.

One day, I arrived at the creek to wash my face. Even though the water was frozen over, I could see fish swimming below. At that moment, I had a fleeting thought, “Even in the freezing winter, fish live below the ice. God protects even the fish. He can protect his loving

child even more!”

As that thought settled deep within my heart, I was able to endure the winter. Living as a preacher of the Gospel until now, there were many gloomy days and difficulties in spiritual life that crossed my path, but my faith that said “God protects even the fish. He can protect me even more,” helped me overcome those circumstances, and held onto me so that I can preach only the Gospel.

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