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Hope and gospel are sprouting from the land of hopelessness, Haiti (December 28, 2011)

Under the promise for 2011 that God gave us through his servant, we are so thankful that God allow us many fruit of gospel in Haiti

Since the church has established in January, God opened a big road of Gospel in Haiti through two times of pastor Ock Soo Park’s Bible Seminar.

Many people attended and received salvation in the Bible Seminar which held in April. Since then Mahanaim Cyber College began with 55 students (include 15 local pastors). Mr. Wilson, the mayor of Delmas of Port-au-Prince, Haiti attended 2011 Ministers of Youth Forum in July.

The second visit of Pastor Ock Soo Park, Gracias Choir and Good News Medical Volunteers covered Haiti with Hope.

The music of Gracias choir gave them Joy and the word of Pastor Park led them to meet Jesus exactly. The small helping hands of Good News Medical Volunteers cured the wounds of their bodies and hearts

After the Bible Seminar which held in September, the missionary school begun. Five local pastors laid their jobs down and entered this school.

Two pastors who attended the local pastors meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park in September asked us to preach the true Gospel for their churches and left their churches to us. The gospel is being witnessed through Youth Camp and Korean and Spanish classes.

In December we met the vice-minister of Youth and introduced 2012 Haiti IYF World Camp and invited to 2012 IYF Ministers of Youth World Forum. Now he is arranging for us to meet the Minister so we are waiting for the meeting.

In the year 2012 we are going to buy land and build a church with 70 brothers and sisters following the promise of the Servant of God Actually it feels so burdened for one-year-old Haiti Church. That’s why we need the prayers of brother and sisters from the world and grace of the Lord. We hope that God will allow us to buy the land and build the church and also harvest many fruits in the 2012 Haiti World Camp.

Haiti is waiting for the workers who will harvest the fruits of Gospel.

We thank God who is changing Haiti which was the land of suffering by the earthquake into a land of Joy by the gospel.

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