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[India, Kolkata] Siliguri MT news! (June 22, 2011)

IYF MT (Membership Training) is in progress all over India now.

30 students from West Bengal Area within Kolkata came to Siliguri Grace English School, which takes 12 hours to travel by train, to have MT with Missionary Cha Jihwan.

Before the mind lecture, Good News Corps students presented righteous dance and Taekwon dance, and students also enjoyed their time watching the dances prepared for the MT. During lecture time with topic of forgiveness of sin, missionary talked about the man with an infirmity for 38 years, women caught in adultery, Peter the fisherman, etc. in the Bible in an easy way.

Student Alley (19) who attended MT this time, shared his feelings, “I know the words about Peter since I am a Christian, but I didn’t know at all what those words exactly meant. The Word this time was so fresh and I want to listen to more words from the missionary and want to know what God wants to tell me through the Word.”

Student Jowell Gureum (15) shared his testimony and said, “Because I sin every day, I thought I was a sinner, but when I was listening to the word, because Jesus’ blood has washed all my sins away, I am no longer a sinner.”

During the dance academy and Korean song learning class in the afternoon, we became closer to the students. Students saw the wholesome dance for the first time and in the end they were having fun dancing together with us.

When it comes to group gathering time every evening, students felt lots of burden because of language barrier at the beginning, but gradually they opened their heart and start to share testimonies and ask questions, and we were able to share our hearts to each other.

On 12th Sunday morning, upon Pastor Han’s invitation, we moved to church near the meeting place to have service together with the local people. We were so sad and sorry to see those people who didn’t know about the true gospel and wanted to go to heaven by their own deeds.

After Sunday evening service, Bigasi, the person who invited us to Siliguri this time, had fellowship with us with a question in his heart “don’t I have to repent every day to go to heaven?” and he didn’t accept the gospel even till the end. But through the camp, two people received salvation and were connected with the church. Our hearts are filled with hope that the gospel will work strongly in West Bengal Area in the future.

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