[India] Nagaland, The 1st Mind Lecture Competition Creates Greater Dreams

On the 29th of November, 2015, the 1st Mind Lecture Competition was held at the IYF Nagaland Center.

There was one reason this Mind Lecture Competition was held. It was carried out according to God’s heart to produce 1 million mind lecturers, train the students with the mind education and hold a mind lecture competition. This is not simply a mind lecture competition, it is the footstep taken by the 4 lepers with the will of God, “Tomorrow about this time.” Likewise, it is God’s will to produce 1 million mind lecturers and filled the world the world with the gospel.


The competition was held after the Mind Education Camp and 100 school Principles said the students were in the final exams and so they could not attend. As time passed by, the circumstances seemed even more impossible.

Until 10 days before the competition, there were no external students that applied. In a situation where it seemed as though it would not work out, God gave us the Words in Exodus chapter 3 and 4.


God began to work miraculously. We introduced the goals and purpose of the Mind Lecture Competition and its vision to the Mayor. We showed pictures of our activities all over India, in universities and organizations in Nagaland until now, and the mind education that is changing the entire world.

The Mayor exclaimed on the spot, “If it’s something like this, I will support you as much as possible!” and sponsored us with 200,000 won worth of Samsung smartphone, Mayor’s Award, and promised to give a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony.


On that evening, the Superintendent of Mt. Mary College, Ms. Esther who had been helping us until now called to tell us that a meeting was scheduled with the Education Minister of Kohima City on the next day at 8 am. The Education Minister’s sister was Esther’s close friend and through that friend, the way had opened.

Having started from Dimapur at 4:30am, we met with the Education Minister, Mr. Yithachu at 8am. After explaining the vision and goal of the Mind Lecture Competition for 30 minutes, he replied, “How can I help you? Such competition is very good. It is not politicians that change this nation but people with the right mind. Such competition is very much needed in Nagaland. If I go to Dimapur in December, I would like to discuss in more detail about working for the youths with the IYF.” He also supported us with the Education Minister’s Award for the Grand prize winner, a 400,000 won worth of camera, and a congratulatory message by video.

Besides this, we were also sponsored by a dentist clinic, KFC, and big restaurants.


As the prizes started to include the Education Minister and Mayor’s Award, the value of this competition suddenly increased. In 3 days, the number of participants rose to 40 people and we received full support from principals and professors. It felt like a dream and we were very happy. Seeing God work irrespective of our circumstances, only his will, we prepared the competition with a glad heart.

We prepared with a praying heart since it was the first event and we had lit