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[India] People of Meghalaya State Who Called on the IYF

Mind education for professors of universities in Shillong, Meghalaya


Last week from May 10th to 11th, a mind education program was held for the professors of three universities in Shillong, Meghalaya by the northeast missionaries with Pastor Soo Yeon Kim as guest speaker. Meghalaya, meaning “the abode of clouds,” is an alpine region with a cool climate of 15℃(59℉) throughout the year. With a population of about 3 million, this state’s annual rainfall is approximately 12,000mm making it the rainiest place on earth. Moreover, having been open to foreign countries since early, Shillong city has a clean image. 70% of the state’s population is Christians and it is one of the 3 Christian regions along with Nagaland and Mizoram. Shillong is the center of education from among the 7 Northeast Indian states where many students come for studies. The entire 120 professors gathered at St. Anthony College and held a 4 hours mind education program. St Anthony College, being affiliated with the Don Bosco Foundation, is the one of the most prestigious colleges in Northeast India.


Missionary Sam Kwon Kim of Assam Church received the heart of the servant of God saying, “Let’s change India with the mind education,” and attempted to carry out the mind education in Assam by searching universities in Assam, but the way did not open. Then one day, God opened the way to visit Meghalaya and the path opened as we met with Dr. Albert, the Dean of St. Anthony. Our mind education program was announced throughout the entire school and all the professors participated instead of class, formally welcoming us with utmost hospitality.




The mind lecture was given twice and contents were dealt with various examples; – True education brought by change in realm by shift of the mind, not change in ability – Problems in current education of possessing riches and fame, but not knowing how to utilize them – Arrogance through possession of great talent and isolation and unhappiness caused – Strong mind and happy life brought by change in mind The professors listened attentively as they laughed at times and even reflected upon themselves through the in-depth content.


After the lecture, Dr. Purkayastha, who hosted the entire event as outreach, approached us first and expressed his wishes to sign an MOU with the IYF to work more closely. Also, he invited us to his house and served breakfast. Moreover, Dean of Department of Commerce and Trade Professor Satya approached us saying, “I was greatly inspired by the lecture today. My husband is a professor at NEHU(North East Hill University – best university in Northeast India), and I would like to introduce this mind education to the professors there as well. If you would like, I can prepare a meeting with the president of that university today.” We could see the Words entering the people’s hearts and working inside, and we could see God opening ways that we had not even planned. On that day, she took us to NEHU(Noth East Hill University) where we met with the Professor of Student Affairs as well as the Professor of Professors’ Education, and the President. The way opened to another mind lecture for the professors the next day.





The next day at Shillong University, we were able to give a lecture in front of 30 professors and the Principal. Even in NEHU, top professors were greatly challenged as they listend to the mind lecture and agreed to the importance of the mind education. As they watched the performance clip of the Gracias Choir and the promotional video of the IYF especially, they were surprised at how the mind lecture helped them become the best in the world.




Sociology Professor and a female professor gave comments saying, “We were able to think how we were simply living as salary-men, not true educators. We were the ones who had to change, not the students. We have never heard of such education before, and I think we simply taught but never thought of learning. Please come again and give the professors’ training again.”

We promised to have further discussions on the mind education for professors or the world camp for students at the next university and ended the first program in Shillong.

Meghalaya is a virgin forest of the gospel, and according to the promise of the servant of God saying, “Let’s completely change India with the gospel and mind education,” God has opened the way in detail. We glorify God.

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