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[Ivory Coast] The World Camp Opening Ceremony that Began with Hope and Enthusiasm.

Opening Ceremony of the Greatest Scale; 3500 people and 40 VIPs

After the heart-warming encounters at the Kenya World Camp and meetings with the Ugandan and Malawian President, we arrived in Ivory Coast, the most enthusiastic country in West Africa, with the hope of the works and grace of God.

The stoppage time in Ghana was too short on the way to Ivory Coast that we may not have been able to retrieve all of our baggage but we felt thankful that we were eventually able to arrive with all the luggage. In such incidents, baggage usually arrive a few days later, so we could feel God’s works as soon as we arrived.



From the 27th to the 31st of July, the 2016 IYF World Camp in Ivory Coast and the Bible Crusade was held in the Treichville Gymnasium, also known as ‘Palais Des Sports’. ‘Palais Des Sports’ means the ‘Palace of Sports’ and it is home to a variety of indoor sports such as Futsal and Handball. The building also has an outer structure that mimics that of the Coliseum in Rome.


The Opening Ceremony of the World Camp and the Bible Crusade took place on the 29th at 7pm in front of 3500 participants. The Camp participants were full of excitement and expectation at they began to fill the venue. On this day, the vice mayor of the city of Abidjan and many other VIPS were also in attendance. The songs of the Choir of Ivory Coast led people to sing along as well as brighten the atmosphere before the beginning of the Opening Ceremony.




The ‘Parmis de Juste’ team, that had won the honourable Gold Prize in the ‘2016 International Dance Culture Festival’ at Jeonju, Korea, performed a dance in which expressed how becoming united could overcome conflict and sadness. It was a performance that allowed us to feel the unique energy of Ivory Coast.








Afterwards, the Gracias Choir took the stage. Soprano Hye Mi Choi’s solo stage attracted the attention of the participants and was enough to mesmerize all the audience. Then, the piano recital, a solo stage and performances that were decorated with French hymns, all received massive rounds of applause from all the audience and it gathered their heart as one, filling them with the grace of God.

“After watching the performance of the Gracias Choir, I was thankful to God. I had never seen a performance like it. As I saw how well the Korean people were singing songs in French, I had the heart that grace was overflowing in them. So, I give the glory to God who has used me. I had no right to become a medical volunteer. The reason God allowed me to be a medical volunteer was not because I was important or I can heal people, but more for Him to use me and cure my heart. I thank God for the Medical Volunteer Team from Korea and also Pastor Park.”

(Andrea/ Good News Medical Volunteer)




The main speaker of the Camp, Pastor Ock Soo Park, introduced the education of the IYF that teaches about the world of the heart in the Bible and nurtures those with the healthy hearts to become the leaders of the future. He did this through the story of the Puritans of America, who had to tamed the wild horse in order to use it in various activities. He then said that, just as the women who was caught in the act of adultery had no hope and was living according to her desires before meeting Jesus and gaining life, he hoped that the youth will be able to receive strength from God.



“Pastor taught us about the world of the heart, He told us that we sould not live according to our own hearts. As we grow older, our desires increase. That is why he told us that we need to be able to control ourselves. Self-control is bending our hearts. In order to receive what God gives us, we must bend our hearts. Then, we will be able to live a happy and good life. Then, we will also be able to understand the heart of God. I am thankful that I was able to listen the the Word from the servant of God.”

(Walfred/University Student)

The 2016 World Camp in Ivory Coast, that will go on for 4 nights and five days, will provide the young people with a variety of programmes, recreations and Mind Lectures. The World Camp in Kenya was like a combination gift set from God. It was an Opening Ceremony in Ivory Coast that made us excited about what joy and happiness will be given to us by God.



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