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IYF World Camp Day 3- Making an Impact in the Community

Day 3 of the 2013 IYF World Camp in New York brought new programs and new hearts to the hundreds of young participants from around the country.

Tuesday was especially notable because of the special events that were able to happen thanks to World Camp. The first was collaboration with United Way of Long Island for a volunteer project in Garden City, NY. Almost 60 IYF World Camp participants left in the morning to go to the Garden City Bird Sanctuary. From 10 to 4pm, our volunteer participants worked hard all day to clean and restore the Sanctuary from the damage of last year’s Hurricane Sandy.

In the afternoon, two events ran side by side. The first was the Parent Children’s Workshop, and the second was the 2013 IYF Culture Exhibition. Parent Children’s Workshop brought together young mothers and their children for the purpose of learning about the world of the heart and heart-to-heart communication. Sessions had already been held in Brooklyn, NY leading up to this final session. Mothers and their children had the chance to listen to Pastor’s sermon and not only open up their hearts to each other, but to the Word as well.

2013 IYF Culture Exhibition was hosted in Mahanaim’s soccer field, filling it with blue canopies, cultural booths, native games, and performances. The dances were especially a hit as teams from Jamaica, South Africa, and the First Nation of Winnipeg performed traditional and contemporary dances. Yet, the biggest hit with the audience was “Gangnam Style”, which was actually performed twice due to numerous calls for an encore.

“It’s my first time attending both Culture and the World Camp. I’ve really enjoyed it a lot. This is a great chance to feel so many different cultures all at once. As I’ve experienced the cultures of the world, I can tell that my way of thinking about things has gotten much deeper. Of course I looked forward to seeing my country Honduras displayed during the fashion show, but it was also great seeing the other countries. Their costumes were very beautiful. Also, I heard that this event was being done by young volunteers. I thought about how much they must have been preparing, and I saw them smiling. I watched their happiness and that energy flowed right into me. It’s because of those students that I’m happy.”  – Luis Alas / Honduras

Finally, in the evening, World Camp participants were treated to a special performance by the IYF drama team titled “Message in the Desert.” It told the story of a father’s quest to save his son whose plane had crashed in the desert. After days of searching, everyone had given up hope that the son, Johnny, was still alive. However, in the father’s heart, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to find his son. After selling his house, car, and everything he owned, Sam, the father, was able to print two million fliers that he would spread across the desert. On those fliers was written, “Johnny. This is your father. I love you, and I will find you.” Eventually, while Johnny lay hopeless in the desert, he picked up a flier blowing in the wind. After reading what was written, Sam’s heart was transferred to Johnny’s through the flier, and it became the strength that kept Johnny alive until Sam found him.  Seeing this play, the audience was able to sense the heart that God has towards us through the play.

IYF World Camp presents its participants to a variety of programs. From the Parent Child Workshop, to the Spiritual Development Sessions of Pastor Ock Soo Park, a deeper world of the heart is being revealed to the students through the Word of God. As each day goes by, we can see the students beginning to open their hearts through these programs and share their hearts with each other and their teachers. Through many different programs, God is laying the way for His work to be done at World Camp.



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