[Kansas City, USA] Kansas City, Representing American Countryside


The eighth city is Kansas City.

The 2015 Christmas Cantata US Tour’s 8th performance will take place in Kansas City. This warm city that smells of the countryside will be holding the Christmas Cantata for the first time this year. The Kansas City citizens are hearty and easy-going with a calm, clean heart before God. The Christmas Cantata that shook their hearts like a tornado opened in the Lied Center of Kansas at 7 pm of September 27th.


The Lied Center of Kansas that is located in the University of Kansas is a newly built building barely 20 years old and holds about 2000 seats. All other theatres surrounding Kansas City were fully reserved with Broadway shows or other yearly events. In fact, this theatre was also already reserved with another performance but the theatre personnel understood that this Christmas Cantata is a good show and helped us to rent the venue.



“Someone came up to me and said that it’s a little early season but they’re recruiting volunteers for the Christmas Cantata so let’s deliver enjoyment and happiness to the Kansas citizens. It happened that I was bored and had nothing to at the moment and wanted to do something. It was good because I was able to share my heart with people as I was doing delivery. I really like this program. It’s good for families to gather together and watch the show. I believe it will be a good experience. It’s a performance needed for the Kansas citizens. I think that even people who don’t get along well can watch this show together and share their hearts, share hearts internationally. To me, the Christmas Cantata is love, happiness, and enjoyment.” – India Taylor (Volunteer)


Missionary Dong Ok Lee of Kansas City testified of how God opened the way as he prepared for the Cantata and said that today in which the birth of Jesus is testified is the happiest the day for Kansas City.