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(Kenya) A Retreat for the Easter Holidays

In the Nairobi church in Kenya, there was a Retreat from the 2nd of April for the first half of 2015. Due to the Easter holiday period, the brothers and sisters from the regional churches, who served the Lord, gathered in one place. 1500 brothers and sisters had an enjoyable time, following the Retreat programs and having fellowship with one another. Especially, the brothers and sisters of the Nairobi church poured their hearts into inviting and registering new souls to participate in this Retreat.




The Main Guest Speaker, Pastor Hak Chul Kim (Good News Mission Thailand Church) spoke about the 30 years that he had spent with the Gospel and all the time that he had ministered with the Lord. Giving his fresh testimonies, he used the story of Peter realising that he was a sinner, the Word of the two harlot women who came to Solomon, the Word about the people in Tyre and Galilee in Mark 7 and the Word in Genesis 9, where Shem and Japheth had the heaqrt of God that does not see faults to lead our hearts to stand in front of the Word and become enveloped in the Word of God.


“Before Peter met Jesus, he had never thought that the life that he had been living before was sin. He did not think that it was a dirty and evil thing to work hard to catch a lot of fish for his family. He thought that without God, he could still solve his sin.” (Part of the Sermon in the 1st Evening)


“Although they are sleeping in the same house, if the mother continues to sleep even while the baby probably cried, she are not a true mother. However, she just has the pride in saying that the living baby is hers, or that the she can bring up that child well. Both harlots said, ‘The dead one is not my child’. When evil things come out of people they do not say, ‘I am truly evil.’ A person who cannot admit to being such a person, someone who blames another person, that person is this harlot. As soon as she saw the sword, the judgment, one of the mothers changed her heart, realising that if she continued to contradict the other woman, the child would die. She therefore said, ‘That child is not mine. I am not the mother!’ Until when will you have the heart that you are right, that you are good? What kind of heart must you have in front of the judgment of God?” (Part of the Sermon in the 2nd Evening)



As well as the Gospel Classes and group fellowships that will be happening during the Retreat, there is a workshop for Mahanaim College Teachers, a workshop for Good News Corps Overseas Volunteers, Missionaries’ workshop, a workshop for local ministers, a workshop for Pastor’s wives, Baptism Workshop all happening at the same time in different places.



The Gospel Class in which Pastor Duk Man Yang preached the Word had attracted more people than usual, filling the small hall. The Retreat finished on the morning of the 6th.

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