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[Kenya] December East Africa Conference News! (December 26, 2011)

About 1200 brothers and sisters from each country gathered together to listen to the sermon in the Good news Nairobi church where beat sunny sunshine of December down with a good grace to greet east Africa conference from 10th to 15TH in this month.

(East Africa’s brothers and sisters who participated in the conference)

Brothers and sisters are spending a fun time with Gospel song group Rio Montana ‘s performance who was invited from Korea and guest speaker pastor Jong Sik Joo’s sermon.

(Brothers and sisters have the welcoming ceremony with a glad heart)

There had a welcoming ceremony that all brothers and sisters sang Swahili song together and told appreciation for guest speaker pastor Jong Sik Joo to welcome on 12th in the morning.

(People who participated in the conference for the first time participated and listened to the sermon in the gospel class)

In Gospel class which had at dawn, in the morning and evening, as people who participated in the conference for the first time listened to the gospel they realized love of Lord who told that being justified freely and received salvation.

(Participants who are shooting GBS broad casting station’s quiz show Reach For The Stars)

Third day after the event 12th in the afternoon, local high school students and college students who participated in the conference did shooting the quiz show ‘Reach For The Stars’ and as many brothers and sisters watched students’ talent show and IYF students’ cultural performance they had a fun time for about 3 hours that shooting was running.

As it started with good news corps students’ sound dance there had Nairobi church choir‘s a cappella and local students’ cultural performance in the evening meeting time, especially brothers and sisters were happy with all their hearts as they followed Swahili song that Rio Montana was sing.

As Guest speaker pastor Jong Sik Joo gave prodigal son story of Luke chapter 15 an example he told that prodigal son come out only evil things but as if when father works the son change spiritual life is not what I strive to do something but when Jesus does instead of me finally I can change.

(Group fellowship time which share hearts with east Africa missionaries as the center)

Also after the evening service, brothers and sisters have a blessed time that they reveal their hearts and do testimony with missionaries and show God in the group fellowship time with east Africa area’s missionaries as the center.

New people receive salvation and when we think that God is working for east Africa’s brothers and sisters’ hearts with joy and happiness we hope the rest of time in the future.

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