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(Kenya) “Let us return to the Bible~!”

“Let us all pray for the peace of Kenya. I respect Pastor Ocksoo Park who is the true servant of God and I stand behind him. I will preach God’s words with him here in Kenya.” (During Pastor Kitonga’s greeting message)

The fourth day of the crusade in Nyayo Stadium began with the greeting message and prayer for peace from Pastor Kitonga who is the chairman of Redeemed Gospel Church. 20 years ago, during the early days of Kenyan mission work Pastor Ocksoo Park in his first meeting with Pastor Kitonga said, “I came to show the living God here in Africa. You should belong to us and work with us. I want to preach the true Gospel in this land of Kenya!” This Bible Crusade in Nyayo Stadium was the fulfillment of the heart and promise which God allowed in his servant about Kenya 20 years ago.

Vicky Kitonga is a famous Kenyan Gosepl singer and on the third and fourth day she led the hymns with great power during the ministers’ leader’s symposium.

Many renowned Gospel singers in Kenya participated in the crusade, and they took responsibility of hymns and before we listened to the word, they gathered our hearts together.

Congolese singer Solomon, lost an arm at a young age due to his stepmother’s strange superstition and he sang and spoke about the importance of forgiveness of sin through Jesus.

The hymns of the Gracias Choir gave joy and certainty in the hearts of the participants. The wonderful piece on the piano, made the Kenyans who were developed in cultural awareness calm and made them to think once again about the words they heard. The hymns of the Gracias Choir weren’t simply english or Swahili songs sung by a foreigner, but rather it made Jesus who approached our hearts even clearer.

The first broadcasting station in Kenya and East Africa called ‘Citizen’ listened to the music of the Gracias Choir and invited them to feature in a Christian program called ‘Rauka’ on a Sunday morning. In the songs of the Gracias Choir, there are messages of the Gospel, and in their expressions the melody of Jesus can be found. Through the television broadcast which aired for about 50 minutes, the Gracias Choir and the Bible Crusade was introduced, but not only that Pastor Yeonguk Park who was the main speaker of the crusade along with MC Pastor Joseph Park, as well as Pastor Wookyong Kim and Heeyong Jeon who hosted the crusade, were able to appear and preach the message of the Gospel. The   MC of the program requested that they tell the viewers how to receive salvation. They preached that one must only believe in the promise in Hebrews chapter 10 verse 17 and forsake their thought. And with a blessing prayer the broadcast concluded.

On the last day during the morning crusade, many people who came through the TV broadcast made the stadium filled with about 5000 people. Many ministers invited their congregation and had service together at the Nyayo Stadium. Also through the live broadcasting of GBS in front of the thousands of audience who came to see the Kenyan Choral Competition, Pastor Jongduk Kim who was the first missionary in Africa preached the Gospel in Swahili.

800 ministers who gathered at the leader’s symposium overcame the fake rumours and disturbances and did not miss a single session during the four days in order to listen to the true Gospel. Through this Bible Crusade, an organization called the National Bible Crusade started a campaign for the Kenyans to return to the Bible. If one was to simply return to the word and the Gospel, Kenya will become the most blessed and peaceful country in Africa. The united shouts of many ministers could be heard in Nyayo Stadium and beyond to Kenya, “Let us return to the Bible~!”

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