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[Kenya] Meeting with the President of Kenya at the President’s Palace

Attending the event Held in the KICC, Kenya (President Gun-Hye Park in attendance)

The Kenyan government officially invited Pastor Ock Soo Park and the Gracias Choir to the event celebrating the establishment of a self-government, as foreign VIPs. The reason for this invite was because the active work that has been done by the IYF and Pastor Ock Soo Park was highly regarded by the Kenyan government.

On the 31st of May (Tues), Pastor Ock Soo Park als attended the Korea-Kenya event that was happening in the presence of President Gun Hye Park.


Attending the Ceremonial Event for the Establishment of the Self-Government Hosted by the Kenyan Government as VIPs





On the 1st of June, Pastor Ock Soo Park and company attended the “Ceremonial Event for the Establishment of the Self-Government” in Nakuru, Kenya as VIP guests. The company, having arrived earlier than the beginning of the event, enjoyed the festival by mingling with the local Kenyan people and the Gracias Choir also had the opportunity to perform while Pastor Young Ju Park also had the chance to preach the Gospel.

To this event in which President Kenyatta, the First Lady and various government officials attended, the Gracias Choir delivered their performance. The Choir had prepared a variety of songs but could only perform one.







Near the end of the performances, the President began to shake hands with all the VIPs and eventually reached Pastor Ock Soo Park and company. As Pastor Uk Young Kim stated that the Founder of the IYF had come to the country and that the Gracias Choir and the students from Korea were not all able to perform all that they had prepared for President, the President immediately allowed them to perform once more. As the President, the First Lady and the Vice President saw the Gracias Choir’s ‘Malaika’ performance as well as the fan dance by the IYF students, they became so happy and invited Pastor Ock Soo Park and company to the President’s Palace.

Meeting with the President of Kenya, By His Request, at the President’s Palace





On the 2nd June, 9am, the Pastor Ock Soo Park and 40 IYF members visited the President’s Palace. Pastor Ock Soo Park had a meeting with President Kenyatta in the garden of the President’s Palace, a place reserved for the most special guests. There was a performance by the Gracias Choir and the IYF students in the presence of the President and the First Lady. The music and the dance that was performed with the green grass and forest as a background filled the hearts to the President and the First Lady with joy.


As Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke about the way in which the ministry in Kenya had started in 1993- through the Expo in Daejeon and the meeting with the Secretary of Commerce, the conversation flowed very smoothly as the President said he knew the Secretary very well. Pastor Park began to speak about the mission work that has been happening in Kenya; he spoke of the GBS Broadcasting system, the World Camp that has been held annually for the the young people as well as the Mind Lecture. The President expressed his willingness to work as partners and called the Minister of Culture and Sport to instruct him to help the IYF with anything that we may need.



Especially, as we suggested to the President that the Mind Education would be included in the new curriculum, through pictures of Missionary John Choi and the activities that he took part in, the President said, “You, Pastor are running a good mission”. Moreover, he opened links to the Education Organisers and instructed them to have practical exchange with the IYF



Although this was known later on, it was actually scheduled for the President to have a summit with the President of Turkey that morning. This was the reason why the Ministers were all gathered at the President’s Palace and were able to have practical talks with us.




The President could have just passed us by, he could have not invited Pastor Ock Soo Park and company to the President’s Palace because of the important summit with the President of Turkey but the reason why the President invited us was because the Governor of Nairobi, the Vice President and the people around him said a lot of things about the IYF and Pastor Ock Soo Park, which made him interested. That is why, despite the busy schedule, Pastor Ock Soo Park and company were invited to the President’s Palace and why the President asked for the organization and Kenya to work as partners. It was such a thankful time in which God opened a new path of the Gospel in a time where there seemed no way.

The Hidden Activity of the IYF Members During the African visit by President Gun-Hye Park



For the visit of President Gun Hye Park in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya, IYF members volunteered in a variety of areas. In Ethiopia, they worked as the interpreters for the President and the press while also acting as escorts. In Uganda, they volunteered as escorts and document production for the press. In Kenya, 40 members worked as organisers of a Korea-Kenya exchange business called “Korea Aid”. Moreover, as a representative of all the international students, sister Chan Hie Lee introduced the IYF to the President during the Compatriot Meeting.



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