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[Kenya] National Youth Service (NYS) Mind Lecture News (February 01, 2012)

On the first day of 4 countries trip to East Africa there was a mind lecture of pastor Ock Soo Park who was author of ‘who are you who is dragging me’ in National Youth Service by Kenya youth department invitation.

National Youth Service gathers youth and teach skill usually and leads youth for activity as a soldier in war as an youth department affiliated organization and about 2000 youth participated in this mind lecture but there was no space for about 2000 youth so we put up a tent at outdoor and set up a special stage during the 10 days preparatory period.

It started performance with a strong dance of IYF Kenya righteous stars at outdoor which was near 30 degree. And there had performance of Kenya taekwondo demonstration team which was composed native only in taekwondo, Korean unique traditional martial arts demonstration. Pattern, sparring and so on, various performances were connected and when there was splendid self-defense martial art of kicking and break martial art the participants bursted into cheers continually they showed wonderful performance as much as Korean demonstration team.

And Gracias choir’s performance time, classic that it could feel hard for Africa which is not easy to hear classic music, as if expression which put joy that only Gracias choir has and honest voice which put heart of thankfulness was conveyed hearts of the participants uncomfortable appearance in the army outfit was getting change gradually .

They sang together and answered with applause when gracias choir sang Malaika in Kiswahili as a last song.

After General Japhet Mwania, representative of National Youth Service did welcoming speech it began to mind lecture of pastor Ock Soo Park. As he told about durian, he “People also have each taste and when we open our hearts and approach we can taste true taste that only the person has. From today I ask you. Open your heart. Treat others with your heart. When you use your heart people around you will be all happy. Join God with your heart. Heart of God will flow inside of you and you will be wisdom, holy, lovely and happy.”

“I participated in Kenya world camp last year. I also liked mind lecture of pastor and especially Gracias Christmas Cantata was best by the way I was very happy to see choir’s performance in here today.”

We could see nobody did stand up from their seat they listened seriously during 2 ours program in the hot weather and General Japhet Mwania did memo in spare moments and so on and he showed appearance that he concentrated. And also he conveyed appreciation as he escorted pastor Ock Soo Park company car to the end.

In this lecture, as the vice-minister of youth department of Kenya who participated in world youth department minister forum and mind lecture for Kenya youth leader during the Korea world camp from last year said that ‘Solider needs this mind lecture surely.’ he invited pastor Ock Soo Park actively and it was progressed by support of General Japhet Mwania who interested in GBS and IYF usually.

We expect mind lecture in Kenyatta national university on the 27th.

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