[Kenya] The First Graduates Produced by the College Established by God

The first Kenya Mahanaim College Graduation Ceremony



Africa is a poor continent. Many youths have no strength to overcome the difficulties that they face, fall into despair, and live without hope. At times, they commit crime for profit, get involved in corruption and live a life for material things. With such heart, they can only live an unhappy life even if they may earn a lot of money. Material things are not what is most needed for the paradoxically poor people of Africa. What they need is a strong heart that can overcome difficulty and change the world.


The Good News Mission established the Nairobi Kenya Mahanaim College in May 28th, 2013 to nurture workers of God with a strong heart that can change the reality of Africa. The College is developing towards the goal to nurture students into leaders who will change Africa with the true heart of Christ.

The Mahanaim College that started with one Computer Major and 13 students in the first year of establishment afterwards opened up more diverse majors such as Media and Broadcasting, Language e