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[Kisumu] New Start! 2010 IYF Kisumu World Camp opened its Curtain!

April 11, 2011, the IYF World Camp started in Kisumu, the 3rd City in Kenya.

Last year, during the World Camp at Nairobi Kenya, Pastor Ock Soo Park asked youth participants what they want from IYF. The students asked him to hold World Camp in other local cities for the students there who cannot afford to attend the Camp in Nairobi due to transportation. Then Pastor promised them a World Camp in a local city in Kenya, and according to that promise, we were able to hold the World Camp in not only in Nairobi but also in Kisumu and Mombasa.

IYF center in Kisumu promoted the World Camp through various media. A commercial for Kisumu World Camp was aired on GBS TV channel, and they hung up a big banner for the World Camp on big markets and above main roads that anyone (and everyone) can know about the World Camp.

There are about 70 high schools, colleges, and universities in Kisumu. We had an orientation in 35 schools to inform many students about the World Camp – many of them were very interested. Also we visited some highly populated places like market and parks to promote for the World Camp.

During the preparation for 2011 IYF Kisumu World Camp, we were short of many things because it was the first World Camp for us to hold outside Nairobi, the capital city. To make the matter more difficult, we were working on Kisumu IYF center construction at the same time. However, just like a little eagle finally gets a true freedom when she leaves the nest and her mother’s bosom to fly in the sky, God allowed us to have a true joy when we overcame the circumstances by faith. As we prepare for the Camp, we were clearly see and experience things God has prepared. He allowed us to receive donations of 500 mattresses, rice, drinking water and bread from companies, and He also gave us 500 tickets to Imfala Park and 1000 tickets to National Museum for free.

April 11, 2011. IYF Kisumu World Camp Began

Kisumu World Camp is being held in Power of Jesus Around World Church, the 2nd biggest church in Kisumu. Many new students came even on the first day of the Camp to register. With 400 students registered, there was an orientation in the afternoon for the students to know some information about the World Camp.

Then, Kenyan Righteous Stars and Thai Dance opened the curtain in the evening. Students were able to watch various cultural performances like Bulleria from South America and La Vie form Africa. The play on the Korean War and Nairobi Choir’s Acapella captivated participants’ heart. All the participants were dumbfounded by the new experience of different cultures – it was a fresh shock to them all. After the last performance, everyone was calling for an encore and had a great time.

During the Mind Lecture in the evening, Pastor Hong Ryul Ryoo (from Good News Wool San Church) said, “People live their life, trusting and exalting themselves. When despised by someone, they get upset and angry, and when flattered, they get pleased. But the truth is that we don’t see things because we see. We see things because God allows us to see. We breathe only because God allows us to breathe. We are nothing but the ones who need the Grace from God.”

Pastor said that just like how he received countless grace from God as he came to Africa, he wanted students to finish living a life believing in themselves and move to the side of Jesus that they may receive His grace in their life.

2011 Kisumu World Camp continues from 11th to 15th with much hope.

During the Camp the participants will learn an amazing world of God through IYF’s mottos: Challenge, Change, and Cohesion.



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