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[Korea] News from the first day of the Bible Seminar with Pastor Ock Soo Park in Incheon (June 01, 2

A bible seminar was held on May 29th at the Good News Incheon Church with the Gracias Choir and Pastor Ock Soo Park.

As we saw many people being led by the hands of the brothers and sisters and filling the chapel, we were able to feel that God has spread the precious love of Jesus to many surrounding people. On the first floor lobby there was a sign-in area for new guest and on the first night 85 new people requested for individual fellowship.

The Gracias Choir had not time to rest after finishing the World Camp in India but they generously poured the heat from India at the Incheon Bible Seminar. The marimba solo “What a Friend We Have in Jesus ” beautifully embroidered in our hearts the passionate love of God who gave himself as an atonement for our sins.

Amongst all instruments is there any instrument more beautiful than the voice of man?!

Sister’s Wonhui Jeon ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘Glorious’ a magnificent ensemble of the mixed chorus, and the classic but yet grand ensemble sparked a round of applause and an encore.

The touching harmonies of the Gracias Choir opened the hearts of each person in the audience before the Word.

Speaker Pastor Ock Soo Park preached of the words in John 8 and said that one small thought that came into the heart of people leads them and at the end makes life miserable.

“There are many times when many people smile in the outside but they are led by a thought and are miserable. When a thought comes into a person’s heart and gets hold of that person’s heart they become miserable. The woman caught in the act of adultery, she was pulled by the hair, cursed and dragged. When caught in the thought to commit adultery although one may say ‘I should not do this’ and no matter how hard they try to break free they do not have the strength to do so. This woman at that time met Jesus. What’s amazing is that even I, went I was living in darkness I met Jesus and was freed and lived a bright and peaceful life” (Pastor Ock Soo Park during his sermon)

After the sermon was over many people had individual spiritual fellowship. Even though it was the first day, the gospel was preached to many people.

“As Pastor said that when people are led by a thought and just like the woman caught in adultery, when I too easily am led by my thoughts and I wondered ‘why am I like this? I should not be this way’ many times. It is not that we need to try alone to break free but Jesus who made the stones that were aimed towards the woman fall on the ground I thought I need to think about that Jesus in my heart” – Ara Cho (Good News Incheon Church)

The seminar that began on Sunday will continue until Wednesday of a total of 7 sessions. During this seminar we hope that many citizens of Incheon will meet with Jesus and they will no longer live in darkness but in blessings and grace.

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