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[Malawi] Meeting with the Chairman of Congress. “My friend is your friend.” (August 18, 2011)

On the 11th, at 6pm, Pastor Park and Gracias Choir was invited to the Conference for the Chairman of Congress from 19 countries (held for 10 days from August 5th through 14th) at the Capitol of Malawi. This Conference at the Capitol of Malawi was a treaty between 25 countries (such as South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya) to discuss how the Congress can correct and improve countries’ laws, amendments, and problems.

When the Minister of youth department (he came to the last year Malawi World Camp was greatly moved) heard that Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir were coming, he recommend the Congress to invite them to the conference. The youth department wrote a letter saying that they hope to help IYF who came for good and if the Congress would allow, he would like to introduce Pastor.

As they arrived to the Capitol, the vise-Minister greeted pastor and informed him that there will be a conference with the Chairman of Congress, arranged by the Minister.

At the conference room, the Chairman greeted Pastor Ock Soo Park saying, “In Malawi, we have faith like “My friend’s friend is also my friend. The Chairmen from 19 countries are our friends, so are Korea’s. So welcome.” Pastor Ock Soo Park replied, “Last year the president of Malawi invited me. I am working for the youths, and he said he will leave the youths in Malawi with me. I was really thankful. I am really grateful that the Chairman of Congress invited me even though he is busy. I believe he invited me because he is also concerned about the youths. The youths in Malawi are more innocent than youths in any other countries. We will lead the youths well. I am really thankful for your welcome, and we will work hard for the youths in Malawi.” The Chairman of Congress wished success for what IYF does for the youths and hoped that we will put our best efforts for such important issues in Malawi. The reception for the Ministers from 19 countries followed, and the Chairman had Pastor Ock Soo Park sit right next to him. When he thanked “[his] friend from Korea, Pastor Ock Soo Park and the Choir,” we seemed as if we were the most important guest at the event.

Gracias Choir began their performance. When they performed African traditional songs, even the Chair of Congress from different countries applauded with claps and moves. Since they were top executives, they didn’t express it much but we could see some of them taking pictures and videos with their phones.

After the performance, Pastor Ock Soo Park gave an appreciation message. “When you first taste Durian, it gives out a horrible stench, but you can no longer sense that smell when you finally see its unique taste. People are just like fruits. The true taste of man lies in the heart. When you see that taste, his flaws won’t be a problem anymore.” He continued, “When hearts meet and exchange, the faith will be formed. Then you can see the true heart.”

While Pastor greeted other chairmen, he introduced Korea to Hon. H.A. Morokole from Lesotho. He was interested and asked pastor what he does. Pastor explained IYF to him and gave him a name card. Even though it was short, he was very open minded to pastor. The manager of the Capitol thanked missionary Kim Sung Kyung repeatedly saying, “We were very perplexed even though we order accommodations from hotel because it was our first time to hold the conference with the Chairs from 19 countries. We are very grateful that Gracias Choir came.”

The future of a country lies in the youths. Now, Malawi is going through hard time economically and politically, yet its future is bright with hope because there are many leaders who care for the youths.

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