[Malawi] The Meeting of the President of Malawi and Pastor Ock Soo Park for Youth Education

The President promises to support all IYF activities in Malawi The Youth Minister of Malawi who attended the Korea World Culture Camp and received salvation completely opened his heart towards the IYF. He delivered the personal letter that Pastor Ock Soo Park had written to the President along with an introduction of what he had done in Korea. The Minister suggested to the President that he meet with Pastor Ock Soo Park and meeting plans began to be arranged as he accepted the proposal.


God allowed for the perfect date for the meeting amidst a busy schedule and the President accepted it despite the short notice. We were not given an exact time for the meeting due to matters of security of the President. Yet, he was considerate enough to even provide for a letter with the confirmed time and date – July 28th, 2pm at the State House located in Lilongwe, Malawi. This was a meeting that was prepared by God from the beginning .


At 8:30 am on July 28th, Pastor Ock Soo Park who arrived at the Kamuzu Inter