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[Mexico] IYF Cultural Event at CBT Justo Sierra School (July 13, 2011)

1st July Friday. The IYF cultural event was held at CBT Justo Sierra School in San Mateo Attenco.

All things began by a teacher in the school who went to Metro Politanos park every Saturday, and got to know about IYF by means of the first world camp workshop at the park.

When the purpose and cause of establishment of IYF which are to give hopes to the youth through God was known, the teacher was very happy, and was thinking about her own students, and suggested the ideas of holding IYF events in CBT School through co-pastor Salvador in Toluca church.

The event began approximately at 11 o’clock in the morning at the school in front of 280 students. Though it was cold and foggy, the students were able to receive warm passion into their hearts through the heart of IYF by means of IYF events and world camp descript-xion.

The principal of the school and events regional coordinator of education attended the event. Upon watching IYF and GNC promotional video, they wanted to hold the IYF events in San Mateo Attenco city.

As for the last program of the event, Pastor Shin Jae-Hoon who is ministering in Mexico Estado church mentioned about the world of the heart, and preached about clean animals and unclean animals in the book of Leviticus in the Bible.

The clean animals have four legs to jump, so they can jump from the ground.

In the same manner, it was said that all the youth who have been taught about the world of the heart can overcome whatever problems they may face, and wished that all and every youth can have four legs to overcome difficulties, so they can tide over problems.

Through this event, many students participated in the World Camp and the work of God was seen in that the gate of the school had been opened towards us in order for them to receive the gospel. They expressed a lot of interests in IYF and many students left their contact details to keep in touch with IYF regularly and a great expectation was on the second workshop which would be held in two weeks.

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