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[Mexico] Pastor Ock Soo Park Receives Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy

Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy of University of Azteca, Mexico

In Mexico where the 2016 World Camp is being held, there was the awarding ceremony of the Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy to Pastor Ock Soo Park.


On August 21st, at local time, the awarding ceremony of the Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy hosted by the University of Azteca in Mexico took place at the Deportivo Plan Sexenal where the 2016 Mexico World Camp is being held. At this event, the group of Chancellors of the University of Azteca and several board members of the Association of Education attended to congratulate the awarding of the Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy to Pastor Ock Soo Park.



The University of Azteca that was established in 1994 operates 10 campuses nationwide and currently has over 5,000 students enrolled. Especially the campus in Chalco, which is one of the poorest regions in Mexico, has over 1,200 students enrolled. The founder and current Chancellor of this University, Dr. José Gonzalez puts educational goals in providing opportunities of higher education to the students in the most marginalized regions of Mexico and has been having keen interest in the activities being carried out by the IYF in Mexico.


This awarding ceremony was arranged by the high recommendation of Chancellor Jesus Renton of the Toluca branch campus of the University of Aztec where the IYF Mind Lecture recently began. He is the Chancellor and of the University of Azteca Toluca branch campus and the principal of ITUEM High School of Mexico. From 2010, the IYF have been carrying out Korean and English Camps at ITUEM High School, and this school that only received the lowest grading at educational assessment changed to the highest grading school while working together with the IYF. Chancellor Jesus Renton acknowledged such educational activities of the IYF and meritorious deeds of Pastor Ock Soo Park. He proposed to the board members of the University of Azteca to award an Honorary Doctorate to the IYF founder Pastor Ock Soo Park, and the board of members acknowledged IYF’s social contribution activities and contribution to social consciousness development and unanimously agreed to award Pastor Ock Soo Park with an Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy.



Through the Servant of God, He allowed for the gospel to be preached throughout the world. Moreover, He opened the route to the Mind Lecture that delivers the heart of Jesus melted inside the bible. We glorify God who highly exalts the Servant that goes forth relying only on God and shows manifests His delight.



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