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[Mexico] Representative Pastors’ Meeting and Outdoor Concert “Where God Worked” (August 31, 2012)

On the Second day of the Mexico World Camp, the 13 pastors, representing other churches, had a meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park.

At the meeting, Pastor Ock Soo Park said that in front of the cross, we need to be forgiven of all the sins and be free; and that unless the sins are washed, no one could be connected to God. Also he preached the gospel in details saying that we shouldn’t believe in our thoughts, but only in the words of the Bible.

Pastor Ock Soo Park asked a few pastors if they do not have sins, and they answered that they don’t All of the pastors replied that they were righteous, and all of them who were present received salvation.

Pastor Ock Soo Park said that he was thankful for God for giving them a chance to open up and share; he invited them to preach the gospel together.

In the evening, the Gracias Choir’s outdoor concert took place at the Zocalo Plaza in Mexico City.

The Zocalo Plaza, one of the landmarks representing Mexico, is surrounded by the buildings constructed while under the Spain’s regime that it gives an atmosphere like Europe.

Until the venue was decided, there were a lot of difficulties, but we could feel the hands of God, helping us one by one.

During the rehearsal before the concert, we were concerned for the pouring of rain, but right before the Concert, the rain stopped that we were able to have the concert with a calm weather.

God was pleased with the World Camp and the Outdoor Concert that He allowed a good weather; everyone became so thankful to see that.

There were the performances by Righteous Starts and Lincoln House School students, announcing the opening of the outdoor concert. Afterwards, the beautiful praises of Gracias Choir resonated the whole Zocalo Plaza. Their beautiful melody attracted so many crowds that people could barely cross the plaza.

After the performances, continued Pastor Ock Soo Park with a special message, sharing the words. Many people at the plaza had a chance to hear the gospel.

At the VIP reception after the outdoor concert, about 30 VIPs from various groups were present.

Also at the reception, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the words, and at each table, missionaries preached the gospel to the participants. More than anything, we could see clearly that God wanted to preach the gospel to all.

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