(Miami, USA) Miami’s Memorable Night

The Christmas Cantata Tour Bus arrived at its fourteenth destination which is Miami. Miami which maintains the warm weather for 365  days is warm enough to swim even in the Winter. Therefore the sunshine of October felt very strong too.

Miami is one of the favorite holiday destinations even within America. However America’s Economic newspaper, ‘Forbes,’ chose Miami as the number one most pitiful city. This choice was made after consideration of unemployment, strong crimes and commuting hours. Miami was chosen as the worst city in regards to crime rate, housing problems and commuting hours.

The dark side of Miami, hidden behind the title of a beautiful vacation destination. God allowed the Cantata in Miami.

Many citizens gathered at the James L. Knight Center in order to welcome the Christmas in the middle of the Summer in sun shining city of Miami. In Miami there were two performances, one at 3pm and the other at 7pm.

There were people who came to see the 3pm performance but came late so they had to wait for the 7pm performance.