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[Miami, USA] “There is the love of God in the Christmas Cantata.”


The 24th city is Miami.

James L. Knight Center

Miami beaches are emerald waters stretched out endlessly, luring tourists. Besides the beaches, there are various parks and lush tropical plants making it the perfect vacation spot. The 4th Gracias Christmas Cantata will be held here on the 15th of October at the James L. Knight Center.

박영국목사는 120명의 마이애미 목사에게 가나 혼인잔치 말씀을 전했다

At 4 pm before the Christmas Cantata, there was a Christian Leader’s Meeting at the Flamingo, located inside the James Knight Center. Missionary Bansuk Kim of Miami Church spoke before 120 pastors about one of his difficulties during his mission in America which is his tongue cancer and how he overcame it. He did not have faith but Pastor Ock Soo Park led him saying it was “the blessing of God” and planted the hope of God in his heart. After accepting the curse as a blessing the difficulties in US visa and the small number of church members no longer became a problem as the heart and will of God flowed into his heart. His tongue became healed of cancer and as the 120 pastors listened to his testimony, they shouted, “Amen.”


Ayen, who normally enjoys volunteering, first encountered the Christmas Cantata during a promotion at school and became interested. “Missionary Bansuk Kim said that the Cantata was going to deliver hope to the citizens of Miami. As I prepared for the Cantata, I spend a wonderful time with the volunteers but it’s already the last day. I’m in charge of ushering today and the citizens will be coming in soon and I’ve never done such volunteer work but I’m very excited!”

공연 30분 전!

공연 입장 10분 전 시민들의 모습

공연장은 만석으로 시민들은 1시간 30분 동안 돌아가지 못하고 아쉬워하고 있다

The citizens of Miami stood in line since 5 o’ clock, 2 hours before the beginning of the show, with great expectations.

메가 TV 방송 인터뷰

In the afternoon of October 15th at the James Knight Center, the personnel from Mega TV broadcasting came to interview Pastor Ock Soo Park. They asked about how Pastor Ock Soo Park had established the IYF, what kind of organization it is, why the Christmas Cantata is performing in America, how many people have changed through it, and which cities have been toured.

프로듀서와 관계자들

“Mega TV helps difficult people through TV programs. We especially help people who have no money or are in difficulty. When the people request, we broadcast so they can receive help through TV. I saw the Christmas Cantata performance today and this is a high-class performance. Especially, the 2nd stage has extremely educational contents for children.”

Eric Rodriques 목사와 그의 아내

Pastor Eric Rodrigues of CASA DE ALABANZA Church says he was greatly blessed. “I was able to know how God leads people, about ourselves, and my exact position before God. Today we can make a decision about how we will join hearts with the Lord. I have become righteous through the blood of Jesus today. Thank you very much!”


Ms. Cielo said she was particularly touched by the Pastor’s words with teary eyes. “I have never heard such Words before. I believe that our sins have been washed away eternally in Heaven. Thank you.”

가수 릴리아나 로드리게즈

After the performance was over, there was a familiar face at the VIP reception. Ms. Liliana Rodriguez, who used to be a singer and is now an actress, said the performance was “fantastic” after seeing the show. Having come by the invitation of her friend, she rejoiced saying, “I had come to the performance hall with a depressed heart but received salvation after seeing the performance!”

현 바하마스 총영사 르카르토 트리코

The consulate general of Bahamas, Mr. Ricardo Trico expressed that the Gracias Choir’s acting and chorus were “like an angel’s voice.” Having been asked what the true meaning of Christmas is, he answered, “It’s of course the gospel! Everything was very clear from the beginning to the end. I really liked how the gospel was expressed in a different way. The main point was the gospel and you can’t miss that. It was like putting in ‘Gospel!’ inside your mouth. People sing to boast their skills but the music of the Gracias Choir well-expresses the love of God.”


Miami, the hottest place in the state of Florida, has been heated up with the Christmas Cantata tonight. Tomorrow, the Christmas Cantata opens in the long-awaited city of Orlando, the 25th city in the US Tour.



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