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[New York] The 3rd day of Bible Crusade & Spanish Pastoral Meeting

April 13th, the 3rd day of the Brooklyn Bible Crusade just a day before the Gracias Christmas Cantata. Just like the spring rain that watered the grass, the pastor’s message watered our dried hearts with the word.

10:30AM in the morning session, prior to listening to Pastor Park’s message, the Gracias Choir’s beautiful performance knocked on the doors of our hearts. Just like the song ‘As God prepared the way that the rivers travel, so does God prepare my way’ we can feel the heart of God that has prepared the way for us to come to Him and when we think about this we are grateful and at peace.

As soon as the applause to the Gracias Choir stopped, Pastor Ock Soo Park stood on the podium and preached of the words in Genesis 27:1 – 14. Unlike us who like to reveal and establish ourselves, Jacob throw away himself, changed his name and his body and went before Isaac. Because he knew that even if the littlest thing of himself was revealed before Isaac he would be cursed, he completely hid himself.

Jacob surely knew that his heart was like an ill kidney. The kidney does the important function of filtering bodily waste within our body. If the kidney does not function properly, that kidney must be removed and a kidney transplant is needed. Because the sick kidney cannot filter our blood properly and pass it to urine and bowel we can only live in pain, however when it is replaced with a healthy kidney the pain comes to an end and we can regain happiness and joy in our lives. Likewise, we need to have a “heart” transplant. When we remove our evil heart and replace it with God’s heart, we can live a life through God.

After the morning session was over, the Brooklyn Spanish Pastoral Meeting was held at 1:00PM. As Spanish is the second commonly used language in America, there are many Spanish churches in America. Through the pastoral meeting delivered in Spanish the 30+ ministers heard and felt the God who is strongly working in our mission.

After the introduction presentation of the mission and the IYF, the Gracias Choir sang native South American songs. The attendants took out their cameras and phones and began to record the performances and cheered with great applause.

During the welcoming message, Pastor Ock Soo Park spoke of the importance of the Spanish churches in the US and asked for the ministers to work together in preaching the gospel. Furthermore, Pastor Ock Soo Park said that because we are from Adam we cannot go to heaven with our good deeds and strongly preached to throw away our thoughts before the word of God and believe in the Word. The attendants did not want to miss a word Pastor Park preached so they took notes and recorded the message. Also, Pastor Park easily preached of the truth of how Jesus cleansed our sins and the attendants loudly shouted ‘AMEN’ and cast away their thoughts that they were sinners and accepted the word. The attendants who heard the gospel said ‘Gracias (thank you)’ and gave thanks to the lord who cleansed their sins.

Through the Spanish Pastoral Meeting, we strongly felt that love that the Lord has for the Spanish people in America. We are excited to see how God will reveal the gospel in America through the ministers who attended the pastoral meeting.



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