(New Zealand) Happy Because of the Gospel in New Zealand

From the 25th to 26 of November in Good News New Zealand Church (Oakland) there was a Bible Seminar with guest speaker Heejin Park (Pastor of Gwangju Church). After last June where many people of the souther pacific received salvation through the Bible Conference many attended again for this Bible Seminar in November. Especially in last May, it was the first Bible Seminar after God has given a building to the church in Oakland therefore it was a very meaningful conference for the brothers and sisters.



On the first day the guest speaker pastor Heejin Park preached about 2Kings chapter 7 verse 1 to 2. He spoke about how “because we do not have the heart of believing in God we live a difficult if closing the doors of the gate.” Therefore he said that “when we believe that God is with us and step outside the city gate doors then one will experience God’s work.” Lastly he said “just like how the dead Lazarus came alive again within the power of the word of God, let us all believe in the word of God.”



Especially on the first day the Samoa families who attended the Bible Seminar back in June came to attend this seminar as well. They came out to the front and expressed their gratitude of being able to listen to this precious word of God and as an expression of their gratitude they sang a song.