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(New Zealand) “The Good News Mission is now in the Solomon Islands”

From the 27th of November to the 4th of December, there was a Bible Seminar in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. There were six people involved in this Bible Seminar; Pastor Hyuntae Yang (Good News Damyang Church) and his wife, the missionary couple from New Zealand and one brother and one sister.



From the 27th to the 28th the Bible Seminar was held in ‘Honiara’ with Pastor John Hugo. Pastor John Hugo gathered 130 people from his church and allowed Guest Speaker, Pastor Hyuntae Yang, to preach the Gospel in the morning and in the evening.




After the sermon, through the time of spiritual counseling in groups, (middle-aged men, women, youth and sunday school) the participants were able to hear the Gospel in more depth and you could see the many people who were rejoicing after listening to it.


Also, with the family of Sister Sharon, who received salvation during the mission trip in August and the family of Pastor John Hugo, Pastor Hyunbae Lee opened a ‘Nurturing’ group where he continually preached the Word and where they shared hearts with one another. As they heard the unforgotten Gospel and shared their testimonies, we could feel so grateful.


Among the family members, Sister Rose (Eldest Daughter), was so joyful, testifying that this Gospel was saving her family.

On the 29th, we went to Munda. The brothers and sisters including Pastor John welcomed us very warmly at the airport, with open arms. Preparing for this Bible Seminar, Pastor John walked four hours in between Noro, where he lived, and Munda, promoting this Bible Seminar on the streets. Also, the brothers and sisters of the Munda church read the books by Pastor Ocksoo Park everyday and shared their hearts about the Word. Moreover, these brothers and sisters went with the books, to their friends and family to give their salvation testimony and preach the Gospel.


In the morning of the 30th, over a hundred people were gathered in the ‘Assembly of God’ church to hear the Word of God.  Pastor Hyuntae Yang said, “When you look to yourself, you still have sin. This thought will lead to destruction and hell. Now do not look at yourself but only look upon the Word of God.” Everyone who heard this shouted, ‘Amen!’ The Pastor, who was so joyful at hearing the Word, asked us to do another Bible Seminar at his church for three days.





One Elder and his wife requested a personal spiritual counseling after realising that the salvation that they thought that they had received was not true. During this counseling, they accepted the Gospel and received salvation.



There was a time especially for the youth of the Solomon Islands, who without dreams, were falling into drugs and alcohol, to listen to the mind lecture themed, ‘Dream’. Afterwards, they were able to participate in various activities that they could not have imagined in academies such as Korean, Taekwondo and Dance.


“My life was just like that of the Second Son. I left my parents to come to Honiara. I went around with my friends, falling into drugs and alcohol and all I did was fight with others. I did not want to live my life like this but I could not defeat the strength that was dragging me. Amazingly, it has only been just a while ago, since I came back to Munda from Honiara, where I heard the Gospel from the Good New Munda Church. Jesus said that even a person like me is righteous. I am so thankful about having heard the Gospel and the path of my life now is not to do with drugs or alcohol but rather have the Gospel as my peace and my way.”

-Jeremiah, 23

We were also able to see God working inside the Munda church as we spent time with the saved family of Pastor John. They shared hearts about the works of God and through the time of giving testimony we could see that their hearts were firmly fixed with the Gospel.


On the 3rd of December, when they put the sign saying, ‘GOOD NEWS MUNDA CHURCH’, Pastor John and all of the brothers and sisters wept of joy. Now the Good News Mission was established in a faraway country called, ‘Solomon Islands’ and these people stood up for the work of the Gospel that lay in front of them with one heart. Pastor John said, “There are many Good News Mission churches and IYF bases in the whole world but the last destination was this place in Solomon Islands.” Like this he expressed his joy.

Also, on this day we had the first Holy Communion in the Good News Munda Church. After taking the bread and wine, everyone held one another’s hand to join together in singing, ‘Amazing Grace’. As they thought of Jesus who died for our sins, they eyes were to the brim with tears.


Pastor John and the brothers and sister said, “We are so thankful to God who loved us so much that He sent you who are His servants. Now we will also preach the Gospel. Please pray for Solomon Islands.” They asked us to spread this message to the brothers and sisters living in the many different countries of this Mission.

As we shared the Word with the people of Solomon Islands for seven days our hearts became united. It is so touching to see that through the prayer of the servant of God in 1973, many islands in the South Pacific were able to receive salvation.  Also, as we see the people who are working for the Gospel after receiving salvation, trusting of the Word in Psalms 2:8 (‘the nations for your inheritance), we give all the glory to God.



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